Sol Plaatje University will run online registration on campus, for new first year students in 2021 so that we can ensure the safety of our students during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. We will adhere to and enforce all health and safety protocols such as social distancing, sanitising, screening and the wearing of masks.


On-campus Registration for first-time entering students is further extended to 16 April 2021. Click here for detailed information.

To download a copy of the Late Registration Process Guide click here

The registration process will entail four steps:

  1. verification, screening, and sanitising
  2. online academic registration
  3. issuance of a student card and laptop
  4. residence administration.

You will need to present your firm offer letter (which also contains your unique student number) for entry to the campus and to the registration venues. Please note that only students (not family or friends) will be admitted into the registration venues. This is to ensure that the university is compliant to Covid-19 regulations. 

A Registration Team will be available in the venues to assist you to register. Once the process is complete you will print out three copies of your proof of registration which you will need to continue onto the other steps of the process.

To receive your student card and laptop and to register for student accommodation you must produce your proof of registration.

ALL first-time entering students are required to:

  • come to the University in order to be assisted with the process of their online registration;
  • NB: adhere to the dates specified in the set Registration Process Guide found above

To use the ITS Student iEnabler System for registration, the user must have a valid student number, email address and a unique five-digit pin (which is sent to the student’s email address, in an automated fashion, by the system).

Login details are as follows:

Username:      student number

Password:       unique five-digit pin

(if students have forgotten their pin, they can select the “forgot pin” button and the system will to route to their email address, captured on the system)

First-time entering students should:

  1. have completed the National Senior Certificate or equivalent;
  2. have submitted an application in to study at SPU and be eligible for registration in terms of the minimum requirements for the respective programme applied for and have submitted all required documentation during the application process;
  3. have received a firm offer (via email/sms, shortly after the release of the matriculation results) to register for the 2021 academic year;
  4. have accepted the firm offer by email to applications@spu.ac.za, if they wish to register;
  5. check their status on the Student iEnabler System if you have been waitlisted, and, if so, wait to be informed of the final decision and not contact the University until confirmation has been received via email/sms;
  6. check the latest lecturing timetable, on the online portal, before you register for particular modules in order to avoid timetable clashes;
  7. register your modules, as follows:
  • as they appear on the online registration page (if you have a fixed curriculum);
  • for core modules only (if you are not certain about your curriculum, as electives can be added later)

Below are important registration documents that will help you with registering online. Click on the link to download a copy:

Step-by-Step Guidelines for Online Registration

Online Registration Guidelines

The following financial conditions apply, as applicable to the respective student groups outlined below (i.e., self-funded/unfunded students, funded students or students with outstanding fees).


1. All self-funded/unfunded students are required to:

  • make an upfont payment towards fees, prior to registration, of:
  • R5 000 for tuition; and
  • R5 000 for residence (if allocated);
  • email proof of payment to the *Student Accounts Office (click here for the contact details) and proceed with online registration.

2. Self-funded/unfunded students who are not able to make the upfront payment, prior to registration, are required to:

  • complete an **Acknowledgement of Debt (AOD) Form (downloadable here), prior to registration;
  • email the completed AOD form to the *Student Accounts Office (click here for the contact details) and proceed with online registration.
  1. No upfront payment is required from funded students who provide proof of the following by email to the *Student Accounts Office (see contact details here), prior to registration:
  • a provisional offer for National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) funding for 2021; or
  • funding from any other source.



·        **The Acknowledgement of Debt (AOD) Form can also be downloaded via the Self-Service Student Portal – failure to honour payments in accordance with the Payment Plan therein, by 30 April 2021, will result in a student being de-registered.

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