Thank you for your interest in our School. We are proud of what we achieved as a young and growing university and would welcome your participation in our exciting programmes and activities.

Whether you consider a career in retail or public management, the SoEMS should be your first choice if you desire individual attention and support from academics.

Our classes are small and specialised and our students are much more than numbers to us.

Our dedicated academics are engaged in research and serve in various committees and organisations to ensure knowledge of the latest developments is shared with students and the community.

Flexible and blended teaching and assessment practices have been adopted to accommodate students who are unable to attend class full-time.

Our Advanced and Postgraduate diplomas are offered on a block release system whereby students attend three weeks per year over two years to complete the qualification.

The Diploma in Retail Business Management contains a work integrated learning module whereby students are placed with employers to gain first hand practical experience which together with their solid theoretical background, makes them highly employable.

The School has a strong desire to contribute to the economic development of the region and its people and do so via research projects, and its involvement in the Northern Cape Innovation Forum, the Provincial Research Forum, the Carnarvon Rural Innovation Hub and the Centre for Entrepreneurship and Rapid Incubation in Upington.

Please feel free to navigate the rest of our web page for more information on our programmes, staff and activities or contact us via e-mail or telephone.

Thank you.

School Head , Professor Pierre Joubert

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