Acting Head of School

Prof Amasa P. Ndofirepi  

Prof Amasa Philip Ndofirepi obtained a PhD in Philosophy of Education from the School of Education, University of the Witwatersrand.

He has extensive experience in teacher education and previously worked at various higher education institutions including, University of Zimbabwe, Great Zimbabwe University, University of the Witwatersrand and University of Johannesburg and served as a Senior Researcher for Mzala Nxumalo Centre for the Study of South Africa. 


He is an NRF C-rated researcher and between 2017 and 2021 he has co-edited 6 book volumes revolving around social justice and epistemologies in African higher education.

Prof Amasa has also published several peer-reviewed articles in accredited international journals.

He is also currently a Research Associate at the University of Johannesburg.


Heads of Departments

Department Education Studies

Dr Emma Barnett


Dr Barnett holds a PhD (Comparative Studies) from the University of the Western Cape, a MEd (Policy Studies and Governance in Education) from the University of the Free State, a BEd (Hons) from North-West University, and a BA Ed (Human Ecology) from the University of the Western Cape.

She specialises in Comparative and Policy studies with a focus on policy implementation. Her research also focuses on Initial Training of Educators.



Human Sciences

Mr Alan Felix


Mr Felix holds a HED from Boland, a BEd from Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT), a BA (Hons) from the University of South Africa, and a MEd, also from CPUT. He is currently conducting research for a PhD.



Natural Science Teaching

Dr Moeketsi Mosia


Dr Mosia holds a PGCE, a MSc (Mathematics Statistics), and a PhD (Curriculum Studies), all from the University of the Free State.

His research interests include Learning Analytics, Automated Text Analytics, and Social Media Analytics.




Lecturer: Setswana

Ms Lesang Marumo

Ms Marumo holds a PTC from Taung Training College, a BA and PGCE from the University of Bophuthatswana, a BEd (Hons) (Leadership and Management) and a PGDE (Learner Support) from the University of the Free State, as well as an MEd (Psychology of Education) from North-West University.


She currently lectures Setswana and Setswana Conversational Language at SPU.




Lecturer: Setswana

Ms Bonny Mookapilo

Ms Mookapilo holds a BA from the University of South Africa, a BEd (Hons) from North-West University, and a PGDE from the University of the Western Cape.


She currently lectures Setswana and Setswana Conversational Language at SPU.



Junior lecturer: Natural Science Teaching

Ms Odette du Plessis

Ms Du Plessis holds a BEd (Hons) in Curriculum studies from the University of the Free State.

She currently lectures Natural Science Teaching at SPU.

Junior Lecture: School of Education

Mr Elrico Kock

Mr Kock holds a BEd (Hons) from the University of South Africa, and a BEd (Mechanical Technology) from North-West University.  


He is currently busy with research/studies on The Pedagogical impact of ICT in teaching and learning at Northern Cape schools (MEd)

He specializes in Technology Education and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in education.



Lab technician for Technology

Mr Paballo Mokeke

Mr Mokeke holds a National Diploma (Electrical Engineering).

It is his responsibility to carry out technical duties in the laboratory and also demonstrate to learners how to go about conducting practical work by making use of the lab and its contents.

Lecturer: IsiXhosa and IsiXhosa Teaching

Dr Lukhanyo Elvis Makhenyane

Dr Lukhanyo Makhenyane holds a PhD from the University of Fort Hare, a Master’s degree in African Languages, an honours degree in African Languages, and a Bachelor of Education degree, majoring in isiXhosa and English.


His research focus in African Languages is on African poetry and he is currently working towards finishing his PhD studies in which he is conducting a comparative study of two South African poets, Mzwakhe Mbuli and Zolani Mkiva.


Senior Lecturer: Philosophy in Education

Dr Edwin de Klerk

Lecturer: Psychology in Education

Dr Tracey Herman

Dr Herman holds a PhD, HDE and a MEd (Psychology in Education), all from the University of the Free State


She has been working at SPU for the past two years, lecturing Pedagogics and Education to second year students, and the Teaching of Life Skills to 3rd and 4th year students.


Lecturer: Inclusive Education and Foundation Phase Teaching

Dr Glynnis Daries

Dr Daries holds a DE from Perseverance College, as well as a MEd (Inclusive Education), and a PhD (ECD), both from the University of the Free State.


Her responsibilities at SPU include teaching, research and involvement in research projects related to Inclusive Education and the European Funded project on Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) in the Northern Cape. This is in collaboration with various South African universities, VVOB and the Flemish Government. She is the secretary of the South African Research Association for Early Childhood Education (SARAECE).



Senior Lecturer: English Teaching

Dr Jabulani Sibanda

Dr Sibanda holds a BEd (Curriculum and Arts – English) from the University of Zimbabwe, and a PhD (English Language Education) from Rhodes University.


He Currently teaches English Teaching and English Assessment modules to the SPU 3rd and 4th year BEd students, respectively.

His research interests lie in the field of English language education in all its multi-facetedness.


Lecturer: Geography Education

Ms Tiani Wepener

Ms Wepener holds a BSc, an MA (Geography & Environmental Sciences), and a PGCE, all from Stellenbosch University.


At SPU, she teaches the Teaching of Social Science, and the Teaching of Geography at Intermediate Phase, Senior Phase, and FET levels.

She is currently busy with a PhD in Geography, with the focus on how secondary-level schoolchildren use their everyday environments and experiences to understand Geography as a school subject.



Lecturer: Business Studies Teaching and Economics Teaching

Dr Patricia Lulama Ndamani

Dr Patricia Lulama Ndamani holds a DEd Degree (Her research at doctoral level focused on Perceptions of School Principals on their Leadership Efficacy in the performance of their duties).


She also holds a MTech Degree in Education (Her research at Master’s level focused on the Factors contributing to lack of discipline in Secondary Schools and possible solutions). She obtained both her Master’s and DEd Degrees from the Central University of Technology.

At SPU, she is currently training students in Business Studies Teaching, Economics Teaching and Instructional Leadership, and Classroom Management in the Education Context.


Lecturer: Setswana Teaching

Dr Richard Lepheti Moloele

Mr Moloele holds a UDE (Secondary), a BA, a BA (Hons), a FDE (Educational Management), a PGDE, an MA in African Languages, an MA in Development and Management, and a MBA (HR).


He joined SPU in April 2018.

He is the author of several Setswana books and has won a number of book prizes.

His research interests include language, Educational Management, Literature, and Public Management and Administration.




Intern: Academic Administration Office

Ms Chanel Boraine

She is currently working as an Intern for seven months at SPU, gaining experience in administration. In her first few months she worked with students in Teaching Practice and is currently gaining a different type of experience in Academic Administration. She enjoys working in administration and being around the students.


Lecturer: isiXhosa Teaching

Ms Judith Cikizwa Humana-Chu

Ms Humana-Chu holds a BA and PGCE from the University of the Western Cape, as well as a BA (Hons) and an MA in African Languages from Stellenbosch University.


She is currently lecturing Conversational Xhosa to 3rd and 4th years, and is involved in Micro Teaching and Teaching Practice.

Her research interests include Second Language Acquisition, IsiXhosa narratives and structure, argumentative patterns in isiXhosa political debates, and intercultural communication.




Junior Lecturer: Education

Ms Heidi Hanekom

Ms Hanekom holds a MEd (Curriculum Studies) from the University of the Free State. Her study focused on Physical Sciences Learning Environments in the Northern Cape Province and investigated to what extent learners are granted the opportunity to develop their metacognitive awareness in these learning environments.


She specialises in Natural Sciences Education and her research interests include inquiry based learning, metacognition and learning environments for Natural Sciences. She plans to pursue a PhD in the same field.



Lecturer: Commerce Education

Mr Habasisa Molise

Mr Molise holds the degrees BCom, MEd (Curriculum Studies), and a PGCE from the University of the Free State. His role at SPU is to teach undergraduate and postgraduate modules in Accounting and EMS Teaching. He furthermore participates in the work integrated learning programme of the School of Education, that is, Teaching Practice.


He contributes to curriculum development in the field of Accounting and EMS Teaching, and supervises and provides consultation sessions for both undergraduate and postgraduate students.



Teaching Practice Administrator

Mrs Natalie Smith

Mrs Smith started working at SPU on 1 August 2016 as a Teaching Practice Administrator.

She is a part-time student at the University of the Free State, where she is enrolled for an MEd focusing on the influence of formative assessment on Grade 9 Afrikaans Home Language learners’ language proficiency.

Lecturer: Technology Teaching

Dr Thomas Masvosve

Dr Thomas Masvosve holds PhD from the UFS, a Master’s of Technology (Electrical Engineering) from the University of South Africa, a BEng (Hons) (Mechatronics Engineering) from Chinhoyi University of Technology, a MBA from Zimbabwe Open University, and a DipEd (TechVoc) from Gweru Technical College.


Dr Masvosve has worked as a Lecturer and Head of Department in the Automotive Engineering Department at Chinhoyi Technical Teachers’ College, and Programme Coordinator at Chinhoyi University of Technology’s Mechatronics Engineering Department.

His PhD studies focused on on Opportunities to Learn (OTL), created for electrical engineering students at TVET colleges. His research mainly focuses on the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) for Technology and Engineering Education.



Lecturer: English Language Teaching

Ms Vuyo Makubalo

Ms Makubalo holds a Master’s Degree in English Language Teaching (UK), a BEd (Hons) and Advanced Certificate in Education (English Teaching) from Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, an HDE from Rhodes University, and a BA from the University of Fort Hare.

Miss Makubalo joined SPU in 2018.

Lecturer: Education

Dr Emma Groenewald

Dr Groenewald holds a PhD and BA (Ed) from the University of the Free State, as well as a MEd (Policy Studies), and BEd (Hons) (School Management), both from Stellenbosch University.


She co-designed the 4th year ‘The Teaching of Afrikaans Home Language, Assessment’ module. She is the co-ordinator of 1st year ‘Teaching Practice’ and ‘The Individual in the learning context’ modules.

She specialises in Narrative Identity Construction of students.



Senior Lecturer: Education Studies

Dr Kevin Teise

Dr Teise holds a PhD in Education Policy Studies from the University of the Free State. The focus of his thesis was on Education for Sustainable Development in South Africa.


He currently teaches undergraduate students at SPU and is also involved in the supervision of Master’s and PhD students.

Currently his research interest is on Social Justice, Restorative Discipline and Culturally Responsive Education.  

He specialises in the analysis of education policy and looks specifically at the responsiveness of these policies to Social Justice imperatives.



Lecturer: Afrikaans

Ms Sulette Bruwer

Ms Bruwer holds a BA (Communication), a BA (Hons) (Afrikaans and Dutch) (Cum Laude), and an MA (Afrikaans and Dutch) (Cum Laude), all from the University of the Free State, as well as a HED from Rijksuniversiteit Groningen.


Current and future research will be on the pedagogy of literary text analysis and the curriculum of Afrikaans literature (inclusivity, citizenship, reading motivation).



Lecturer: School of Education, Physical Sciences & Natural Sciences Teaching

Ms Anita John Philip

Ms Philip holds a Master’s Degree in Analytical Chemistry from Mahatma Gandhi University, India.


She joined SPU in 2017. She has dedicated herself to the training of future science educators for the country and also to developing a career as an academic. As part of community citizenship, she is also involved in the SASOL INZALO Project, conducting practical experiments in schools.

She has registered for a PhD in Natural Sciences education with the University of the Free State. She is involved in research that helps the advancement of chemistry education in the country and her research focus is on the application of simulations in stoichiometric chemistry.



Associate Professor: Department of Education Studies

Prof Erna du Toit

Prof du Toit holds a HED, a BSc (Hons) (Botany), and a PhD (Didactics), all from the University of the Free State.


She has contributed widely to the community as coordinator and presenter of both national and international projects in the teaching of Life Science.  She has supervised a number of Master’s and PhD students and delivered several papers at national and international conferences. She has co-edited two books and is the sole author and co-author of various chapters in numerous academic texts. She has published in national accredited journals. 

Her interests are focused on teacher education, which includes the following fields of specialisation: teaching, learning and assessment, and Life Science teaching knowledge.

At SPU, she is currently involved in the teaching of general pedagogy, instruction and assessment, and Life Science teaching.



Lecturer: English Teaching

Dr Lucy Sibanda

Dr Sibanda holds a PhD (Education), and a Master’s in English Language Teaching, both from Rhodes University.


Her research focuses mainly on matters related to English Teaching and her work has been published in several leading journals.



Lecturer: Education Studies

Dr Bommie du Plessis

Dr du Plessis holds a PhD (Educational Psychology: Critical Thinking), a MEd (Educational Psychology: The gifted Learner), and a BEd (Hons), all from the University of the Free State. She also obtained a BA degree and BCom status from the University of South Africa.


She has extensive experience in the teaching of Education modules and Research Methodology.

Her fields of specialisation are Inclusive Education, and Leadership and Management studies.


Lecturer: nGAP

Ms Laura Arnold

Ms Laura Arnold holds a MSc in Human Resource Management from the University of Leicester, and a MEd in Higher Education from the University of Johannesburg. She is currently studying towards a PhD in Education.


In 2017, she was appointed as a lecturer on an nGAP post at SPU, where she is involved with the Lifelong Learning for Teachers, and Teaching Practice modules.

Her main research interests are academic literacies and teacher professional identity development, and her published work appears on her Research Gate.


Senior Lecturer: History Education

Dr Boitumelo Moreeng

Dr Moreeng holds a PhD (Curriculum Studies – History Education), and a MEd (Special needs and Support Services), both from the University of the Free State, as well as a BEd (Hons) (Education management) from Vista University.


Dr Moreeng has extensive experience as a history teacher, subject advisor and head of department. He has published in different journals and has successfully supervised a number of Master’s and doctorate students.

He specialises in History education, curriculum studies and transformative pedagogies.



Lecturer: English Education

Ms Maseeeng Papashane

Ms Papashane holds an MA (English Language Studies) from the University of the Free State.


She has experience in lecturing English Education, Academic Language Development, Curriculum Studies, and Assessment at the BEd and BEd Hons levels. She has also supervised a Postgraduate Diploma in Education and co-supervised a PhD.

Her current work at SPU involves lecturing in English Education, and she is a member of the Research Committee.

Her research interests include academic literacy studies amongst Education students.



Lecturer: Teaching of Natural Science and Technology, and Education Studies

Dr Wiets Botes

Dr Botes holds a PhD and a Master’s degree in Higher Education studies, a BEd (Hons) in General Curriculum Studies, and a BEd in the Further Education and Training Phase, all obtained from the University of the Free State.


His research focuses on Natural Science and Life Science Teaching, rural education, as well as academic support for student teachers. 


Junior Lecturer: Technology

Ms Theressa Zengeya

Ms Zengeya holds a Diploma in Clothing and Textiles Technology from Masvingo Technical College, a Diploma in Technical and Vocational Education from the University of Zimbabwe, a Bachelor of Technology in Education Management from Tshwane University of Technology, and a Postgraduate Diploma in Human Resource Management from the National University of Lesotho.


She currently teaches Technology and Teaching of Technology and is also involved in Teaching Practice. Her research interest is in technical and vocational education, as well as talent management in universities.


Teaching Practice Administrative Co-ordinator

Ms Annatjie Beattie

Ms Beattie co-ordinates the 3rd and 4th year BEd students’ school visits. Furthermore, she is responsible for the following:


  • ATTENDANCE: She is responsible for keeping attendance for the 4 year groups’ weekly attendance to the Teaching Practice sessions.
  • PROFESSIONAL PROGRAMME: She arranges speakers and presenters in the educational field to address the 4th year students on a variety of subjects relevant to the profession.
  • EXTRA MURAL COURSES: She organises courses for students with a variety of service providers, e.g. First Aid, Tennis, Debating, School News Paper Course, Chess, Netball, etc.
  • SACE REGISTRATION: She organises the provisional registration of final year education students with SACE.


Lecturer: Afrikaans Teaching

Mr Adean van Dyk

Mr. van Dyk holds an MA and BA (Hons) (Afrikaans and Dutch) from Stellenbosch University. His undergraduate studies in Languages and Literary Studies was completed at North West University. He also holds a PGCE from the University of South Africa.


His recent research focused on Afrikaans film adaptation, and he is currently busy with Doctorate studies in Afrikaans and Dutch Literature.

He specialises in Afrikaans literature, with further research interests in World Literature, Film and Media Studies, and Intermediality. He lectures in Afrikaans Home Language Teaching, and Philosophy of Education.


Lecturer: Natural Sciences Teaching

Ms Simone Neethling

Ms Neethling holds a MSc in Biodiversity and Conservation Biology (Cum laude) and Post Graduate Certificate in Education (Cum laude). Both qualifications were attained at the University of the Western Cape.


She is currently pursuing her PhD in Life Sciences Education, which will focus on addressing practical process skills for Life Science teaching in a pre-service teacher program.


Senior Academic Coordinator

Dr Anthony Mpisi

Dr Mpisi holds an HDE (Geography and Botany) from the Perseverance College of Education, a BA (Geography and Psychology), a BEd (Cum Laude), a MEd (Psychology of Education), and a PhD (Psychology of Education) from the University of the Free State.


Besides coordinating Teaching Practice and lecturing Education, Dr Mpisi has also developed and lectured modules in the Teaching of Geography and Social Science at SPU. He lectured Psychology, as well as Leadership and Management, in both ACE and honours programmes, and has been involved in several contract research projects at the National Institute for Higher Education.

His research specialisation is in Diversity Education studies and Teaching Practice.


Lecturer: Afrikaans Teaching

Mr Gert Hanekom

Mr Hanekom holds a BA (Language Studies), an MA (Language Practice), and a PGCE, all from the University of the Free State.


His research interests include Academic Literacy amongst Afrikaans Education students in the HE sector.


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