Advanced Diploma in Information and Communication Technology in Applications Development (Qualification Code: ICT700)

Period of study: 1 Year


The rationale of the qualification is to produce graduates that have a good theoretical knowledge and practical skills of systems analysis, design and applications development. The course is designed to enable a student to, not only apply the concepts and skills of the specialization sufficiently for a smooth transition into the work place, but also to solve complex problems adapting to the requirements of the organization’s environment. The Advanced Diploma is intended to deepen the professional knowledge, practice and attitudinal skills development of students and facilitate the access to higher level qualifications such as the postgraduate diploma, masters and doctoral studies. In addition, this qualification provides learners with continuing specialized learning in their chosen career. ICT as a pervasive discipline is subject to global market forces and the curriculum needs to be responsive to all disruptive innovations that present unique challenges to the related business environment.

The field of Applications Development is one where changes occur at a rapid pace and there is always a constant demand for skilled personnel. Therefore, this offering enables graduates holding the Diploma in ICT in Applications Development to further their learning as they progress in their chosen careers.  The focus of this offering is to provide advanced technical skills in Application Development, as well as to cater for the professional development. The Advanced Diploma is built on the foundations laid by the Diploma in Applications Development and advances the applied and general skills through the core subjects Software Engineering, Development Software, and the Project offerings.

 Admission Requirements

Applicants must be in possession of a three-year Diploma in Information and Communication Technology in Applications Development or equivalent qualification at NQF Level 6 within the same field of study.

An average of at least 60% in the third year exit modules of the NQF Level 6 qualification.

The formal University’s Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Policy may be applied in instances where applicants do not meet the minimum admission requirements for entry into the Advanced Diploma qualification.

Programme Structure

The study duration of the Advanced Diploma is minimum one year of full-time study or two years of part-time study.

 In order to satisfy the qualification requirements, students must take and pass at least 120 credits. 

The Advanced Diploma comprises of seven compulsory modules.

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An exciting career awaits those who successfully complete the Diploma in ICT specialised in Applications Development qualification. 

A world without ICT and software application is unimaginable! Applications Development manifests in every facet of life – mobile phone apps, ATMs & banking, mining, television, medical equipment, agriculture, finance & accounting, education, geographical information systems, film & video, motorcars and aeroplanes, toys, social media & the internet. The list is endless.

In South Africa and across the globe, ICT is regarded as a scarce skill and opportunity awaits those who have the right knowledge, skills and attitude.

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