Postgraduate Diploma: Entrepreneurship

For 2020/2021 Block Release Intake

Entrepreneurship has been identified as crucial to socio-economic development and job creation throughout the world. Generally, within the country and globally, there is an understanding that education can positively impact on entrepreneur creation and enablement of entrepreneurship.

The Post Graduate Diploma in Entrepreneurship contributes to this realisation by situating creativity and innovation supported by practical application at the core of the curriculum in order to develop core capabilities in new venture creation and entrepreneurial management.

Minimum requirements for admission to the programme?

The following is the requirement for entry into the Postgraduate Diploma in Entrepreneurship.

Minimum requirements

1. A relevant NQF level 7 Bachelors Degree or

2. An appropriate Advanced Diploma

Participants can enter with a cognate degree from any discipline as the Postgraduate Diploma is directed at building entrepreneurship knowledge and skills. Foundational knowledge in a specific undergraduate field is not a prerequisite for entry. It is expected that participants with prerequisite qualifications can learn and engage with broader knowledge and that their life experiences would enable them to engage with entrepreneurship knowledge and information.


Subject content

The Postgraduate Diploma in Entrepreneurship is accredited as a 120 credits Level Eight (8) qualification in accordance with the South African Qualifications Framework.

All modules are compulsory and students would have to pass each module to obtain the Diploma.

  • Entrepreneurship – 20 credits
  • Entrepreneurial Finance – 20 credits
  • Entrepreneurial Marketing – 20 credits
  • Entrepreneurial Law – 20 credits
  • People Management – 20 credits
  • Entrepreneurial Practice – 20 credits

The Postgraduate Diploma will be offered on an online and block release basis spread over two years. Block release means attendance of sessions for full days over designated periods at the campus of the University.

Six attendance blocks of seven days each will be spread across two academic years.

During each block students will attend classes for the whole day. The periods between blocks are for preparations, study, assignments and research work.

In addition to the required contact hours for sessions, it is presumed that students will do pre and post-session individual and group work of a minimum of six (6) hours per contact session.

The final mode of delivery will be communicated once applications have been assessed.

The qualification is directed at enabling individuals to develop the necessary skills and knowledge to undertake advanced reflection and development through hands-on practical based learning approaches that open up opportunities for new venture creation, business growth and entrepreneurship.

It is also intended to challenge entrepreneurship students to explore creative and innovative entrepreneurial solutions to business and the management thereof while remaining ethical and socially responsible in their conduct and actions.

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