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Welcome to Research at SPU

The 2020-2024 strategy highlights research activity in prioritised niches within a supportive institutional environment and culture as the university’s first goal. With this goal, SPU is making strides in developing a footprint within the national innovation system. Through rigorous intellectual enquiry, our students and academic staff contribute to the generation of new knowledge, new understandings, or new interpretations within and across the broad disciplines of academic activity at our university.

SPU strives for good quality in all our research activities through seeking the opinions and affirmation of our peers within the knowledge discipline or area of research and application, who are themselves acknowledged as competent researchers. Research at SPU is guided by the best of ethical standards and integrity in the relationship with research subjects.

SPU aims to be a university that is fully aware of its location in the region and one that contributes to the social and environmental development of its broad community. In line with the 5th strategic goal, the institution therefore encourages research that draws from and contributes to our community engagement initiatives. This requires formal and structured partnerships with private and public institutions and community-based institutions.