The School of Natural and Applied Sciences at Sol Plaatje University was established in 2014 as one of the four schools that constitute the current academic structure of the University.

It comprises four clustered departments namely; Biological and Agricultural Sciences (biology, botany, zoology and agriculture), Computer Science and Information Technology (computer science, data science and IT related subjects), Mathematical Sciences (applied mathematics, mathematics and statistics), and Physical and Earth Sciences (chemistry, geography and physics).

With SPU being a comprehensive university, we offer a range of undergraduate programmes leading to higher certificate, diploma and degree qualifications in biological, physical, computer and mathematical sciences, and also in information and communication technologies.

In addition, we pride ourselves for being the first university in the country to introduce an undergraduate Bachelor of Science Degree in Data Science, which articulates to the Bachelor of Science Honours in Data Science to be introduced in 2019. By strengthening this programme through developing our teaching and research capacity in the field, we shall be adding value to the data gathered at the Square Kilometer Array (SKA) radio telescope in the Northern Cape not only in the storage and management of large data-sets but also in how meaning is given to the large quantity of unstructured data that will emerge. The other important niche-area is in the Information Technology Applications Development.

This is a necessary and developing field in the world of IT and the employability opportunities for successful graduates make this an attractive programme for students. This is also emphasized by the partnership that SNAS has with Accenture (a global company providing services and solutions in strategy, digital, technology, and operations) which involve building a remote delivery Centre at SPU as part of Accenture’s Internship Programme for the Diploma ICT graduates.

The School of Natural and Applied Sciences is positioned to:

  • Utilize government support and partnerships to grow capacity of current staff to take advantage of opportunities such as being a knowledge partner for environmental analysis, renewable energy, capacity creation and data intensive programs
  • Expand body of passionate academics dedicated to growing the science programme at SPU which would skill graduates adequately, developing strong partnerships to build synergistic research opportunities for the Northern Cape and South Africa.
  • Produce students that have a good and practical skills that will solve problems in real life and have a positive impact on the community.

As a School, we exhibit and are committed to professionalism, integrity and high work ethics at all times. We provide a friendly working environment which promotes life-long learning. We are committed to achieve common goals through collaboration, listening to each other and sharing information. We always strive to do what is best for our students, thereby ensuring success to every student that is committed to learning.


Professor Aifheli Gelebe ,Head of School

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