Period of study: 3 Years

The Bachelor of Science degree has been carefully designed to address a critical skills shortage in the country and will provide access to students to an advanced area of study in a critical contemporary discipline.

The programme aims to produce science graduates who have a systematic and coherent body of knowledge and an understanding of underlying concepts and principles; the ability to assess and evaluate scientific information; a high level of cognitive and other generic skills; written and spoken communication, computer literacy and competence in applying knowledge through basic research methods and practice.

The programme is offered in four specific sub-field specialisations, namely Mathematical Sciences, Physical Sciences, Computer Sciences and Biological Sciences.

Career opportunities

Science graduates are open to various career opportunities in academic, government and industry. A Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) degree emphasises coursework in the sciences, mathematics or career-specific topics. The degree can serve as foundation for a variety of careers. Job prospects for B.Sc. graduates offer a diverse range of professional fields to work in, such as healthcare, finance, biology, chemistry, forensic sciences, consulting, engineering and computer programming.