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Department of Biological and Agricultural Sciences

General Introduction

The Department of Biological and Agricultural Sciences is a small but dynamic department in the School of NAS which focuses currently on undergraduate training in biology, zoology and botany.

The Agriculture programme is set to be launched only in 2020, together with a BSc Hons in Biological Sciences. Our aim is to produce well-rounded biologists and conservation ecologists that will be able to make significant input to biodiversity conservation and environmental sustainability programmes in South Africa but also within a global context.

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The Department has strong botanical and zoological disciplines which contribute to a well-balanced undergraduate biological sciences programme. Seven full-time academics and two support staff cater to the needs of students at all levels. Focal areas of research, based on staff expertise and interests, cover aspects such molecular systematics, phylogenetics, plant eco-physiology, population ecology, avian moult and migration, aquatic macro-ecology, landscape ecology, plant-invertebrate interactions, and mammalian herbivory. Future research thrusts and niches include responses of plants and animals to climate change, arid zone ecology and adaptation, invasive biology, and wetland conservation and management, particularly within the Northern Cape Province.    


Head of Department: Senior Lecturer, Zoology: Dr DM Harebottle

PhD (UCT); MSc; BSc Hons; BSc (UKZN)

Senior Lecturer, Botany: Dr A Adebowale

PhD (UKZN); MSc; BSc Hons (OAU)

Lecturer, Agriculture: Ms MA Bopape

MTech; BTech (TUT)

Lecturer, Botany: Ms E Nenzhelele

MSc (UCT); BSc Hons; BSc (UNIVEN)

Lecturer, Botany: Dr T Musvuugwa

PhD (SU); MSc (UCT); BSc Hons (NUST, Zimbabwe

Lecturer, Zoology: Mr RV Modiba

MSc; BSc Hons; BSc (UNIVEN)

Laboratory Technician, Ms PK Letebele

BSc Hons: BSc (UFS)

Laboratory Technician, Ms M Digashu

BSc Hons; BSc (UFS)

Department of Computer Science and Information Technology

Senior Lecturer, Information Technology: Dr T Tuyikeze

PhD (UFH); MIT (NMMU); BTech (NMMU); NDip (WSU)

Senior Lecturer, Information Systems: Dr G Mwansa

PhD (Unisa); MSc (UNAM); BSc (UNZA)

Lecturer, Computer Science; Dr AJ Mwanza


Lecturer, Information Systems: Dr Y Gundu

PhD: MCom: BSc Hons: BSc (UFH): Dip. PC Maintenance & Network: Dip. Web Designing & E-Commerce (BCE, London)

Lecturer, Computer Science: Mr T Baitshenyetsi

MSc; BSc Hons; BSc (NWU)

Lecturer, Information Technology: Mr G Rudolph

MTech IT; BTech; N. Dipl. (CPUT)

Lecturer, Computer Science, Mr LSerutla

MSc (Sherfield, UK); BSc (NUL)

Lecturer, Information Systems: Ms FT Matsebula

MTech (TUT)

Lecturer, Communication and Information Engineering: Mr M Nkomo

MSc (Shadong Univ. of Science & Tech., China), BEng Hons (National University of Tech., Zimbabwe

Lecturer, Computer Science: Ms N Mpofu

MSc (Zimbabwe)

Junior Lecturer, Information Technology: Mrs E Mamabolo

BTech (TUT); BSc (Vista)

Junior Lecturer, Information Technology: Mrs M Modiba

BTech (TUT)

Junior Lecturer, Computer Science: Mrs M Mokeresete

MSc, BSc Hons (NWU), BSc (Amity)

Junior Lecturer, Information Systems: Mr ETC  Makhoere

BCom Hons, BCom (NWU)


Department of Mathematical Sciences

The Mathematics Sciences Department is comprised of dedicated individuals who are conversant and passionate about the teaching of mathematical sciences and who believe in creating an environment which is safe and welcoming for students.

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The department believes in providing diverse learning experiences, offering multiple avenues of learning and is committed to preparing graduates who will be able to work in different areas such as teaching, theoretical research and quantitative work in industrial organisations. Most courses in the fields of Applied Mathematics, Pure Mathematics and Statistics are all available for students to explore.

The department endeavours to equip our students with the following attributes; confidence in the ability to use any mathematical sciences concepts, problem solving and creativity skills, leadership skills. Such skills will build character in our students, stimulate healthy ideas, and achieve our educational objective of producing talented graduates who will contribute to the development of the nation.

The department focuses on the following research areas:

  • Numerical Analysis
  • Differential Equations
  • Fluid Dynamics
  • Mathematical Statistics and Machine learning
  • Biostatistics
  • Linear Models




Latest Staff Appointments

The Mathematical Sciences Department announces the arrival of two new lecturers and a senior lecturer who all joined our department during the second semester 2018. 

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The process of meeting, interviewing, and vetting the candidates has been a wonderful one which involved the Head of School, Professor Gelebe, The HOD Dr Sikwila, HR, the worker’s union and some lecturers. These new lecturers and senior lecturer will bring their own vibrancy to our growing department, and have been attracted to the Mathematical Sciences department by our rigorous and balanced academics, our commitment to the teaching of Mathematics and Statistics, and our strong community.

Mr Lyson Chaka joined us as a Statistics Lecturer. Mr Zekhaya Shozi joined us as a Mathematics Lecturer. We are also excited to announce Dr Sithembele Nkonkobe who joined as a Senior Lecturer Mathematics.

These talented new lecturers have integrated well in our department and we are delighted by the impact they have had already in our department and on our students.


HOD: Dr ST Sikwila, Applied Mathematics

PhD (Univ. Limerick, Ireland), BSc Hons (UZ)

Senior Lecturer, Applied Mathematics: Dr D Mothibi

PhD (NWU), MSc (SU), BSc Hons, BSc (NWU)

Senior Lecturer, Mathematics: Dr S Nkokobe

PhD (RU), MSc, BSc Hons, BSc (UFH)

Lecturer, Operations Research: Mr R Bappoo

MPhil (NUST, Zimbabwe), BA Hons (Delhi University, India), PG Dip (Higher Education) (RU), Ed Planning & Admin (New Delhi), ACE (UKZN)

Lecturer, Actuarial Science: Mr MI Mabokgole


Lecturer, Statistics: Mr L Chaka

MSc, BSc Hons (UNISA), BSc (ZOU)

Lecturer, Statistics: Mr A Whata

MSc, BSc Hons, BSc (UZ)

Lecturer, Mathematics, Mr ZB Shozi

MSc (SU), BSc Hons, BSc (UniZulu)

Junior Lecturer, Statistics, Mr L Ndwandwe

MSc, BSc Hons, BSc (UKZN)

Department of Physical and Earth Sciences

Senior Lecturer, Chemistry: Dr JF Sefadi


Lecturer, Chemistry: Dr TE Tshabalala

PhD, MSc, BSc Hons; BSc (WITS)

Lecturer, Physics, Dr KG Sekonya

PhD; MSc (WITS; BSc Hons; BSc (UL)

Lecturer, Geography: Dr TH Kabanda


Lecturer, Physics: Dr PP Mokoena

MSc; BSc Hons; BSc (UFH)

Lecturer, Chemistry: Mr TR Mashile

MSc (UP); BSc Hons, BSc (UL)

Lecturer, Physics: Mr FS Komati

MSc; BSc (Ed) (NWU)

Lecturer, Physics: Mr A Zungu

MSc; BSc Hons, BSc (UKZN)

Lecturer, Geography: Mr J Hlatywayo

MSc; MCom (UKZN), BSc Hons, Dip. Education (UZ)

Lecturer, Chemistry: Ms KV Phungula

MSc; BSc Hons, BSc (UFS)

Laboratory Assistant, Chemistry: Ms MPJ Mabuza

BSc Hons; BSc (UFS)

Laboratory Assistant, Geology: Ms D Nepfumbada

BSc Hons, BSc (UFS)

Laboratory Assistant, Physics: Mr MD Buthelezi

BSc Hons; BSc (UKZN)

Laboratory Assistant, Physics: Mr LL Seleise

BSc Hons; BSc (UL)

Laboratory Assistant, Chemistry: Mr AT Hunt

BSc Hons; BSc (UFS)

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