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The complainant should always be the person who discovers or witnessed the crime.

This includes the people who have an interest in the offence committed.

For the investigation to be successful, first-hand information is imperative.


This is because they require first-hand information, not hearsay, opinion or deduction information.

SPU communities are urged to report all cases at SPUCS. SPUCS may advise the complainant to report the matter to the police where the complainant may be assisted until case number is received for further investigations.

What does SPUCS require from you after you have reported a crime?

  • The SAPS case number

  • Where relevant, serial numbers for the stolen items

  • Any information regarding possible suspects

  • Any other information you receive regarding the crime.

  • Information about the stolen item(s) such as value and identification marks

  • Information regarding any witnesses to the crime

  • Notification if the item is recovered.


Reasons for reporting a crime to the police

  • Despite insurance claims, it is of utmost important to, sometimes, report certain crimes to the police
  • This helps the police to be aware of crime so it is addressed. 
  • It is important to note that SPU University does not have jurisdiction over areas/residences outside its premises.
  • Please also remember that the police have additional resources and intelligence may assist in the crime which has been committed.
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