Sol Plaatje University (SPU) in association with the Northern Cape Cycling (NCC) Federation will host its 2nd annual Vice-Chancellor’s Cycle Challenge in Kimberley on Sunday, 27 November 2022.

This road race will cover 3 distances:

  1. A 5km fun race for kids, 12 years and younger
  2. A 50km race for persons 13 years and older – 
  3. A 105km race for persons 19 years and older –

This initiative strives to build relationships with the people of Kimberley and surrounding areas. This event also promotes a healthy lifestyle through the promotion of cycling as an activity for all.

Through this event we hope to:

  • Bring people together and have them be part of the greater #MySPU community.
  • Hold a well-organized, professionally run cycle race that is a positive, safe experience for participants who are either cycling enthusiasts or leisure riders.
  • Reach a maximum audience in terms of both, participants and the public to strengthen the ties between the University and its surrounding communities.
  • Create an event and an experience for participants that reflects the values of Sol Plaatje University.
  • Promote awareness around healthy living.

To enter and participate in this event, please review all the information below pertaining to the Race Information and Terms and Conditions.

The Vice-Chancellor’s Cycle Challenge will cover 2 key distances in and around Kimberley, also passing on to the N8. This year, we also introduce a fun 5km race for children, 12 years and younger.

The race starts and ends at the SPU North Campus, Luka Jantjie House, situated in Sol Plaatje Drive (across the Kimberley High Court, next to the De Beers Building and adjacent to the Sol Plaatje Municipality) – see directions below.

Physical Address:                Sol Plaatje Drive / Jan Smuts Boulevard 
GPS Coordinates:                28.745380, 24.765519
Google Maps:             

2.1       Entries into the 5km fun race are open to children 12 years  and younger.                       
2.2       Guardians are to ensure that the indemnity form is completed upon entering the  race.
2.3       All entries to be completed by clicking on this link.
2.4       Entries will open on Tuesday, 2 November 2022.
2.5       Entries are extended to Saturday, 26 November at 12h00. 
2.6       Entries are only confirmed once full payment of the entry fee is received.
2.7       Should the payment for an entry not be received by the closing date in (2.5) above, the entry will be removed from the system.
2.8       The amount/fee payable for all solo/individual entries is detailed below and is inclusive of a compulsory day license fee of R50.00

  • 5km – R100.00
  • 50km – R250.00
  • 105 km – R350.00

2.9        Each entrant will receive an SPU Swag Bag (except those entering for the 5km race); as well as a medal of participation.
2.10      Cash Prizes worth over R20 000.00 is up for grabs for podium finishers (see Terms and Conditions).  

3.1 All Cyclists should report in person to:

3.1.1 Register;
3.1.2 Collect their race number and entry packs,
3.1.3 Submit their completed and duly signed Indemnity Form at the below mentioned date, time and venue:

Saturday,  26 November 2022 from 09h00 to 12h00 at Sol Plaatje University, North Campus – Luka Jantjie House (Sol Plaatje Drive/ Jan Smuts Boulevard)

3.2       No entries will be allowed during registration.
3.3       If a Cyclist fails to register, he/she will not be allowed to participate in the                                       Race without the race number.

4.1       Late Registration is only for the convenience of Cyclists NOT staying in Kimberley. These Cyclists should report in person to:

4.1.1 Register;
4.1.2 Collect their race number and entry packs,
4.1.3 Submit their completed and duly signed Indemnity Form as indicated below:

DATE:            Sunday, 27 November 2022
TIME:            06h30 to 07h00
PLACE:         Sol Plaatje University North Campus (Luka Jantjie House), Kimberley (Sol Plaatje Drive/ Jan Smuts Boulevard)

4.2       No entries or substitutions will be allowed during late registration.
4.3       If a Cyclist fails to register, during the stipulated times noted above, he/she will not be allowed to participate in the Race without the race number.

DATE:           Sunday, 27 November 2022
TIME:            07h30
PLACE:        Sol Plaatje University North Campus (Luka Jantjie House), Kimberley (Sol Plaatje Drive/ Jan Smuts Boulevard)

Differential start zones may be allocated, and the Event Organisers may allocate different (staggered) start times for each starting zone. Cyclists need to arrive on time as the starting zone will be closed off 10 minutes before the official starting time.

The Race will be timed by the Northern Cape Cycling (NCC) Federation.

No Substitutions will be allowed.

There are sufficient hydration/ water points on the route whereby cyclists will have access to refreshments and small snacks.

Please note: It is not guaranteed that all Cyclists will receive snacks at all the points as it depends on the consumption by Cyclists passing before them. There will be sufficient water and energy drinks at all points for the Cyclists. It is highly recommended that you also carry your own preferred snacks and liquids on your person on the day.

9.1 Cyclists are encouraged to take/carry the following items with them:

9.1.1 Sufficient energy bars/food for your estimated time in the saddle;
9.1.2 At least two full water bottles with your drink of choice;
9.1.3 Fully charged cellphone;
9.1.4 Medication that may be required during the race;
9.1.5 Bracelet or other indication of allergies, specifically to any medication;
9.1.6 Basic tools and consumables to fix a puncture/plug a tubeless tyre (Cyclists should be able to do this themselves).

9.2 Every Cyclist should ensure that his/her bicycle is in a safe working condition at the start of the race. Each Cyclist is responsible for the maintenance of his/her own bike for the duration of the race.  In all cases of maintenance and repairs.

9.3 There will be demarcated areas for spectators at the starting and finishing point of the race.

9.4 Emergency medical care will be available at the finishing point and will be dispatched to the relevant location on the route if required.

9.5 We urge all Cyclists to display good sportsmanship throughout the duration of the race by keeping to the following guidelines:

9.5.1 Not use offensive or abusive language during the race;
9.5.2 Not act in an un-supporting manner;
9.5.3 Not be disrespectful to the officials or fellow Cyclists

9.6 All enquiries can be directed to

10.1 Cyclists will not be allowed to participate in the race without wearing a SABS approved helmet.

10.2 Should any Cyclist withdraw from the Race, or not be able to participate in or complete the Race for whatsoever, the Event Organiser will not refund the entry fee or any part of it.

10.3 Cyclists must display their race numbers on the front handlebar of their bicycles at all times, and must remain firmly fixed for the duration of the race. Cyclists must ensure that it is not obscured by cables or any other items.

10.4 Cyclists may not modify or mutilate in any way the race numbers, and may also not allow anyone else to use the number allocated to them. If you do so, the participant will forfeit all rights to any prizes and will not be eligible to participate in future SPU Races. The race number is the organizers link to all relevant contact details and information should you be involved in an accident. It is therefore vital that the information and person is matched correctly.

10.5 Race numbers remain the property of the Event Organiser. The Event Organiser will collect the race numbers at the finishing point. Should a Cyclist not reach the finishing point for whatsoever reason, the Cyclist should return the race number to the Event Organiser.

10.6 Prize money will be subject to the discretion of the Event Organisers. Please take note that winning the race (in any category), together with the second and third places are subject to adhering to all the rules, terms and conditions of the Race.  The final decision lies with the Event Organisers, and it remains the prerogative of the Event Organisers to disqualify any Cyclist who have not adhered to these rules, terms and conditions or who have gained an unfair advantage over the other Cyclists in any way whatsoever. Cyclists must display their race numbers on the back of their bibs/ vests at all times. It must not be obscured by any item/ garment

10.7 Podium finishers and overall category winners must be present at the prize giving ceremony. The decision by the Event Organisers regarding podium finishers and/or overall category winners are final.

10.8 If the Event Organisers receive advice from any medical practitioner regarding any the health of any Cyclist, the decision to allow the Cyclist to continue / participate in the Race (or not), will be at the discretion of the Event Organiser and will be final.

10.9 Electronic bicycles (e-bikes) will be allowed but will do the race without contention for prizes. Thus, cyclists with e-bikes are not eligible for any of the prizes.

10.10 No Cyclist may display or reproduce the official Race logo or any derivative thereof on any riding attire and/or team clothing being manufactured.

10.11 There may be partial road closures. Where the road is not closed for use by the general public, Cyclists should remain to be vigilant and adhere to the normal safety rules associated with cycling.  All general traffic regulations must be adhered to at all times during the race.  South African regulations require everyone to drive/ride on the left-hand side of the road.

10.12 No support drivers will be allowed.

10.13 Any Cyclist who cannot finish the race for whatsoever reason must as soon as possible inform the Event Organisers. Should any Cyclist fail to inform the race office of his/her withdrawal and should a search and rescue operation be initiated for such Cyclist, the cost of the search and rescue will be for the account of that Cyclist.

10.14 Each Cyclist is responsible for his/her own personal medication as prescribed by his/her physician. Please consult the Event Organisers if in doubt about the legality thereof.

10.15 Each Cyclist need to submit a completed and duly signed indemnity at/during registration before the commencement of the Race, failing which the Cyclist will not be allowed to participate in the Race. A copy of this form is also available here.

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