VC’s message on extended national lockdown

I write this in hopes that you and your families are safe and well.

Following President Ramaphosa’s announcement tonight that the nationwide lockdown would be extended by two weeks, until the end of April 2020; I appeal to the University community to abide by this call. We each have an obligation to support these measures in order to save the lives of our people and to protect the most vulnerable.

I acknowledge that this is asking a lot from you who have already sacrificed so much, both personally and professionally, and I express my deepest thanks, once again, to all our staff who have contributed to keeping the University operational during these difficult times and to our students for their cooperation and support.

I recognise that the extended lockdown will put added pressure on all of you to balance family life and work commitments, along with your mental, physical and emotional well-being.

Having said this, I ask you to stay the course with us on the journey through these turbulent waters, and I offer assurance that through our collective efforts, this too shall pass.

This holy time will also be difficult for many since Easter has always been a time for families to come  together to celebrate. While this year may be different, we are with each other in spirit.

To the communities who are celebrating or observing religious holidays during this period, I hope that it is blessed and I wish you all well. 

I appeal to the SPU community to continue to support the University and to do our part to safeguard our nation during this trying time.

Kind regards

Professor Andrew Crouch

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