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Academic Career Path Development

In collaboration with the Research Office, the CTLPD executes the Career Path Development Programme. The centre collaborates with this office to assist academics in progressing their careers in higher education proactively and structurally. 

Programmes are planned and implemented to address the unique needs of each academic institution, taking into account and aligning with the University Capacity Development Programme (UCDP), Staffing South Africa’s Universities Framework (SSAUF), and other national strategy plans (or academics in related categories).

  • Academic Induction Programme
  • Postgraduate Qualification Financing
  • Teaching Mentorship Programme
  • Research Mentorship Programme
  • Postgraduate Supervision Mentorship Programme
  • Mentorship Programme to Women Career Development etc.

University Capacity Development Grant (UCDG)

SPU has 10 strategically aligned projects funded through the Department of Higher Education and Training’s (DHET) UCDG. The purpose of the grant is to develop students and enhance the research capacity of academic staff.

New Generation of Academics Programme (nGAP)

CTLPD is responsible for managing the New Generation of Academics Programme (nGAP) which is an initiative of the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) for staffing South African Universities. nGAP involves the recruitment of new academics who display significant potential for scholarship in teaching and research, which is a response to university staffing challenges.

Future Professors Programme (FPP)

The Future Professors Programme (FPP) is a competitive and selective programme of the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) to prepare promising early career academics to become a new cohort of South African professors across the disciplines. The programme seeks to identify a group of the country’s most talented young academics to benefit from a structured and intense programme aimed at accelerating their readiness for the professoriate. Thus, it aims to produce a critical mass of academic excellence and leadership within South African Higher Education. The programme is intended to complement initiatives hosted by both the DHET and individual universities aimed at developing a pipeline of early-career academics with an emphasis on black and woman scholars. Academics preferably – but not exclusively – in the lecturer and senior lecturer categories in South African public universities, may be nominated by their universities.

Dr. Adesuwa Agbedahin

Programme Manager: Academic Career Path Development

SPU Central Campus, Academic Centre, 2nd floor.

Tel.: +27 (0)53 491 0478



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