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Welcome to the Division of Student Affairs (DSA)

On behalf of the Division of Student Affairs, I welcome you with pride and humility to Sol Plaatje University (SPU).

Your education remains among the most potent means by which you may access opportunity and dismantle the chains of poverty and injustice in our society. Your presence at our University signifies your accomplishments thus far. You have successfully traversed high school and entered the new terrain of tertiary education. This indicates a dedication to excellence, humility and grit which will distinguish you in the coming years of your life. With these few words, I wish to congratulate you on making it this far, and I wish to reassure you that you made the right choice in selecting Sol Plaatje University to pursue your post-secondary education.

The Division of Student Affairs (DSA) – through the Offices of Student Life and Development, Student Health and Wellness, SPU Sport, and Campus Housing and Accommodation – is well situated to provide you with extensive co-curricular and psycho-social support programmes, which contribute to a dynamic and vibrant student experience – all of which is underpinned by academic excellence. At SPU, we pride ourselves in reflecting a true South African identity, welcoming students from different backgrounds, and acknowledging that our strength (as a people) lies in our diversity.

Our fundamentally student-centric philosophy – premised on our care for our fellow human beings, other life forms, the natural environment, and the self – is the very essence of Ubuntu. This is entrenched in the DSA’s holistic student support offering. SPU endeavors to provide a nurturing environment, premised on the Republic’s Constitutional values of equality, dignity, and freedom.

The DSA will provide you with extensive support and developmental programmes, designed to unlock your full potential. In challenging inherent social inequality, SPU and the DSA foster an ethos of community-building, indigenous knowledge, servant and authentic leadership, environmental stewardship, and innovation. Community is important at SPU, and the DSA embodies this by creating opportunities and centering community engagement as a scholarly activity. Through a collaborative integrated approach, we purposefully work with internal and external stakeholders in creating and ensuring seamless integration.

Our co-curricular offering expands into a variety of key support areas, including career services; peer mentoring; peer education; comprehensive health and wellness services; arts and culture; living and learning communities; student media; and student life and development initiatives in contributing to key graduate attributes. Effective academic-life balance is achieved through socially cohesive relationships created with our strong student communities, comprehensive sports offerings, clubs and societies and the Student Representative Council (SRC) – the latter which serves the interests of the entire SPU student community without partiality, bias, or prejudice. As the Division of Student Affairs, we foster an enabling environment to ensure holistic development centered within social justice.

Choosing to study at SPU is the best choice for a young, driven individual, and the Division of Student Affairs echoes the Spirit of Sol Plaatje University and the beautiful City of Kimberley. Here, you will find a home away from home, and experience the care, protection and support you deserve.

Ms Nicole Morris – Dean of Student Affairs
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