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Decade Campaign Gala Dinners

SPU will host three fundraising gala dinners in 2022, 2023 and 2024, to raise funds in support of the Decade Campaign. With a theme of “sustaining the future”, through these events SPU hopes to mobilize the support of the community of Kimberley and the greater Northern Cape to support this campaign. All funds raised will go towards the Lesedi La Afrika Fund to support scholarships, infrastructure, social impact projects, and human capital support. 

What is Lesedi La Afrika Fund?

Lesedi La Afrika is a three-year fundraising campaign to raise R100 Million endowment funds for the future sustainability of the University.

Endowment Fund Options 


Through Lesedi La Afrika Fund, Sol Plaatje University will raise the required student financial aid endowed funds for both undergraduate and postgraduate studies to provide support packages for young people from the Northern Cape province to access higher education.

The vision of creating access is anchored on creating a healthy pathway for young people into higher education and linked to student success.

Social Impact

As the first, and only institution of higher learning in the Northern Cape province of South Africa, Sol Plaatje University is aware of the challenges faced by its communities and the opportunities presented to make a meaningful difference. 

Hence it advocates for a more deliberate and purposeful approach to responding to social needs. We value that our university would structure and facilitate community engagement and social responsiveness as a functional ethic and strategic aspect of our institutional life.


Here the university is looking for investments for minor infrastructure projects such as building maintenance, campus signage and IT infrastructure. These are all needed to support a young and growing institution. 

Human Capital Support

Sol Plaatje University hopes to raise enough endowment funds to introduce a strong human capital that will make our university an employer of choice.

WATCH: Take action and become an agent of change

Watch Prof Andrew Crouch, the Vice-Chancellor and Principal of SPU, as he explains what the Lesedi La Afrika Endowment Fund is all about. This fund will provide a safe, dependable and perpetual source of funding for scholarships, social impact, infrastructure and human capital support. This aligns with SPU’s vision of being a university that is critically engaged in learning, research and development – while enhancing democratic practice and social justice in society.

Following the successful gala dinner hosted in November 2023 to raise funds the Lesedi la Afrika Fund, Prof Crouch is urging all companies, businesses, and generous individuals to continue to contribute to the Fund to assist us in achieving our set target for 2024. We can’t wait to see you all at our last Decade Campaign Gala Dinner, in November 2024! Click here to watch the video:


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