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In June 2020, the Sol Plaatje University Senior Management Team created a social relief fund for students who experience unanticipated financial hardship for which they have no other recourse for funding.

The Vice-Chancellor and Principal, Professor Andrew M Crouch, contributed R20,000 (twenty thousand rand) of his personal funds as seed funding to this fund. Furthermore, the University Council made an initial amount available for the fund and further supported by contributions from De Beers.

Following these contributions, the fund will be augmented by the following suggested donations:

  • Corporate donations

  • Contributions from Alumni (voluntary monthly electronic donation)

  • Contributions from Staff and Students (voluntary monthly deduction from their salary where applicable)

  • Beneficiaries of the fund will be encouraged to contribute to the fund when they are salaried alumni (monthly electronic donation)

The fund assists students with personal hygiene products, emergency travel, a food grant, medical emergency not covered by a medical aid, emergency medical necessities not covered by a medical aid and the replacement of essential personal belongings lost as a result of theft or circumstances beyond the control of the student (i.e. fire or natural disaster). 

With your donation, we’ll ensure that students who face critical financial shortages participate in and complete their studies without the additional stress of economic emergencies.

Our students need your help.
With your donation, you’ll help students who face critical financial shortages for personal hygiene products, food, medical necessities, and medical emergencies.