The SPU School of Education offers students, who want to become teachers in any of the country’s official schooling phases, the opportunity to engage in a teaching and learning experience that is both unique and second to none in South Africa.

We are confident that our cutting-edge approaches to teacher training, especially in terms of our integrative theoretical and practical components, as well as cross-curricular development of essential knowledge types, speak to the country’s dire need for future generations of quality teachers. We want our students to become teachers who do not merely hold their own regarding subject knowledge, but are also able to passionately and effectively impart this knowledge to young minds, irrespective of the context, and are driven towards the lifelong development and honing of their knowledge and teaching skills, for the greater good of our society.

Our graduates are able to gain access to tailored opportunities in industry, academia, research, and community service niches. The students gain experience and exposure to local and international businesses through several agreements the School has with relevant stakeholders.

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Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) Degrees

Period of study: 4 Years

The B.Ed. programmes in Senior Phase and FET Teaching and Intermediate Phase Teaching, are specifically designed to prepare students for teaching in the South African schooling system. National imperatives such as the shortage of Mathematics, Natural Sciences, Geography and Technology teachers, as well as regional imperatives such as the need for Afrikaans and Setswana teachers in both primary and secondary schools in the Northern Cape, were important considerations in the design and development of these programmes. 

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It is intended for education students who want to obtain a degree in Education, specialising in the teaching of one or more of Mathematics, Natural Sciences, Life Sciences, Geography, Technology, History, Afrikaans, English or Setswana that would qualify them as professional educators for the Senior Phase and Further Education and Training or Intermediate Phase. These qualifications are also suitable for expertise in education-related careers such as training officials. The purpose of the B.Ed. degree is to provide a well-rounded education that will empower graduates with an integrated knowledge base enabling them to demonstrate competence, commitment and responsibility as academically and professionally qualified beginner teachers. 

The curriculum and the accompanying classroom practice is a “shaping force” of the students admitted to this University. The approach to teaching, learning development and assessment on this degree programme is strongly guided by the intellectual and professional attributes that our graduates need to develop in order to have a positive impact on the schooling needs of the diverse communities in our country.



Period of study: 4 Years

These programmes target potential students who have successfully completed Grade 12 with admission to degree studies and who want to teach Languages, Mathematics, Natural Sciences or Languages, Life Skills and Social Sciences to Grade 4 – 7 learners.

BACHELOR OF EDUCATION (B.Ed.) SENIOR PHASE (Grade 7 – 9) & FET PHASE (Grade 10 – 12)

Period of study : 4 Years

This programme targets potential students who have successfully completed Grade 12 with admission to degree studies and who want to teach one or more of the following subjects at school: Mathematics, Natural Sciences, Life Sciences; Geography, Technology, Languages, History Accounting, Economics and Business Management.

Dr Audrey Msimanga

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