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The SPU Faculty of Education offers students, who want to become teachers in any of the country’s official schooling phases, the opportunity to engage in a teaching and learning experience that is both unique and second to none in South Africa.

We are confident that our cutting-edge approaches to teacher training, especially in terms of our integrative theoretical and practical components, as well as cross-curricular development of essential knowledge types, speak to the country’s dire need for future generations of quality teachers. 

We want our students to become teachers who do not merely hold their own regarding subject knowledge, but are also able to passionately and effectively impart this knowledge to young minds, irrespective of the context, and are driven towards the lifelong development and honing of their knowledge and teaching skills, for the greater good of our society.

School’s Administrator:

Kediemetse Moselane
Telephone 053 491 0152
Email [email protected]