Sol Plaatje University is located in Kimberley, Northern Cape. This region gives our students and staff unique opportunities for learning, research and community development.

The  Province   hosts a remarkably rich archive of human and natural heritage, which exists both in formal collections and in informal communal and natural environments of this beautiful region. Kimberley hosts good quality museums and galleries, as well as special archival collections located in this rich narrative that has yet to be told.

This context presents us with an exceptional opportunity to make a global contribution to intellectual development and knowledge production in the arts and Humanities/Heritage fields of study. Rooted in this rich context, our teaching, research and community engagement taps into this rich archive, yet interacts with the world around us.

We pride ourselves on excellent teaching and service to our students, conduct relevant and socially responsive relevant research and create opportunities for community and public engagement activities, opening our doors and hearts to the community around us.

Our graduates are able to gain access to tailored opportunities in industry, academia, research, and community service niches. The students gain experience and exposure to local and international businesses through several agreements the School has with relevant stakeholders.

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Bachelor of Arts (B.A)

Period of study: 3 Years

The Bachelor of Arts exits at HEQSF level 7 and the minimum duration is three years.  The B.A. intends to develop skilled graduates who are able to engage critically with the world and apply disciplinary content to the resolution of problems. There is a strong focus on languages (Afrikaans, English and Setswana), History, Heritage Studies, Geography, Mathematics, Economics, Sociology, Archaeology, Creative Wining and Psychology. The curriculum allows for considerable flexibility, permitting each student to plan an individual programme of study that takes into account personal

Higher Certificate in Heritage Studies

Period of study: 1 Year

This course provides students with a theoretical and practical grounding of knowledge and skills about the heritage sector.  A key benefit is that this Certificate provides an opportunity for studying further in heritage or another discipline. This Certificate would enable a pathway for ongoing learning and successful graduates could enter one of the various undergraduate degree course such as the B.A. or B.Ed. Degrees. We are keen to produce students with a strong ability for independent thinking who can be prepared for this level of learning.

Professor Jesmael Mataga

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