NAS students show off web skills

On completion of the first-year multimedia foundations I module for the ICT diploma at SPU, students should be able to understand the essential multimedia concepts for the Web.

In addition, students should then be able to plan, design and develop a multimedia website with the specific use of HTML, XHTML or web authoring.

Since 2014, all group projects were community-based projects, requiring students to visit their local communities.

The objective is to strive for the upliftment of communities through specific communication and training, workshops, community interface solutions, awareness programmes or create an online presence for small businesses in the community.

As part of this module, the web development teams create a website to fit the “giving back” theme.

The website should inform the audience of the team’s involvement with the community.

On completion of their websites, groups submit a portfolio of evidence which includes (but is not limited to):

• Minutes of meetings
• Creative brief
• Flowcharts
• Storyboards
• Screenshots of web pages
• Groups will also be required to demonstrate their functional websites.

This is yet another way SPU engages with its local community.

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