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Student Academic Support

The Centre for Teaching, Learning, and Programme Development (CTLPD) provides Admission to Graduation Student Academic Support (AGSAS). From applications to registration to graduation, the AGSAS programme ensures that students have adequate knowledge to make informed career decisions. The on-course assistance programme tracks and evaluates students’ academic progress and helps them reach their full potential. 

The centre runs the following programmes to attain the goals mentioned above:

Sol Plaatje University’s student academic advising programme provides opportunities for students (referred to as advisees) and CTLPD academic advisers to assist advisees in understanding their learning path and setting personal academic goals. Additionally, it gives pupils the necessary ongoing educational support to help them succeed.

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Academic Advisor: School of Education

Academic Advisor: Economic & Management Science

Academic Advisor: Natural & Applied Sciences  

Academic Advisor: School of Humanities

The CTLPD’s academic literacy programme helps students examine and understand formal academic literature and use subject-specific vocabulary and discipline-specific language of knowledge to contribute meaningfully to ongoing discussions within certain academic regions.

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The CTLPD’s tutorship support programme aims to provide students with academic assistance while they are in class. The centre achieves this by encouraging one-on-one or small group interactions with a tutor who acts as the more knowledgeable other with competence in a particular content area or discipline. Tutors assist students with various services, including study tactics, note-taking strategies, and usually assist students in reviewing material learned in class.

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Mr Lerato Sekonyela

Acting Director: CTLPD

SPU Central Campus, Academic Centre, 3rd floor.

Tel.: +27 (0)53 491 0076


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