On behalf of the CenFreeSol Book Fair, it is pleasure to extend an invitation to you to be part of this very first book fair to be hosted.

The book fair, which is the brainchild of three universities, namely the Central University of Technology, the University of the Free State and the Sol Plaatje University, draws expertise from one another.

The three institutions’ Library and Information Services have signed a Memorandum of Understanding that serves as a formal agreement to cooperate with one another in strengthening the delivery of their services. One of the agreements centres around the joint delivery of reading and writing events, with the establishment of the annual Book Fair, believed to have the ability to improve literacy in all the campuses and surrounding communities.

The SPU Community is invited to join in what promises to be interesting and informative book presentations, discussions and vibrant engagements with authors and panelists.

The event will take place on 02 and 03 November 2021. Please find below the registration links for the two days:

Day 1: https://teams.microsoft.com/registration/uRv8jg-5SEq_bLoGhhk7gA,gxSNh02iz0evCmXM3Lhe6Q,LxK_uDEbXUyW_EHOFxA8GA,NRCFk_0yIkK3pLf3DVaNwA,QIELgdcQM0eOod_7kILDlA,-pGDWPSMeki9ynDq4Cvufw?mode=read&tenantId=8efc1bb9-b90f-4a48-bf6c-ba0686193b80

Day 2: https://teams.microsoft.com/registration/uRv8jg-5SEq_bLoGhhk7gA,gxSNh02iz0evCmXM3Lhe6Q,LxK_uDEbXUyW_EHOFxA8GA,wjyahLY-y0qLA0cpm2siqw,RAcfRIxxO0mwKx8kgAY8Gw,vb7iDzGfhU2JpKFbyQXc6A?mode=read&tenantId=8efc1bb9-b90f-4a48-bf6c-ba0686193b80

To download the event programme, click here