Continuation of Alert Level 4

Dear SPU Community

On Sunday, 11 July 2021, President Cyril Ramaphosa announced that the country would remain at the Adjusted Alert Level 4, until 26 July 2021, to mitigate the effects of the third wave of COVID-19 infections that has rapidly spread across the country. Please continue to be vigilant about your health and safety and of those around you.

Remember to:

  • Frequently sanitize or wash your hands
  • Wear a mask
  • Keep a minimum distance of 1,5m from other people

Academic Programme

  1. The academic programme will continue online as per the academic calendar which was approved by Senate on 24 May 2021.
  2. Academic staff will be permitted to work from home if they prefer to do so.
  3. Practical or laboratory work is not permitted, and Schools must make provision for students to catch-up on this work once we can do so safely.
  4. Physical study groups are not permitted.
  5. Students who would like to study in a group can only do so via MS Teams.
  6. Use of the University Library for study purposes will be allowed, requests must be made in writing to the SPU COVID-19 Compliance Officer: [email protected].

Residential Students

  1. Students who are physically here will remain in their allocated campus residences. They may not return home.
  2. No new cohorts of students will return to campus during Alert Level 4.
  3. The University curfew will be in effect from 20:00 to 07:00 until 28 July 2021.
  4. No visitors will be allowed into any residence or on campus.
  5. Students will not be allowed to visit each other in their rooms.
  6. At the Moroka Hall of Residence and Ra-Thaga Hall of Residence the mealtimes will continue to be staggered.
  7. The booking of meals via the Self-Service Meal Management System is compulsory: NO BOOKING MEANS NO ACCESS TO THE DINING HALLS.
  8. The smoking of hubbly bubbly / hookah pipes is not permitted on university premises.
  9. Gatherings of any size are not allowed.
  10. Any student who contravenes the COVID-19 health and safety protocols and regulations will be subject to disciplinary action and will have to return home immediately.

University Administration

  1. Face to face meetings on campus are prohibited.
  2. Staff over 60 and those with co-morbidities will work from home.
  3. Other staff can continue to rotate between working on campus and working remotely as they have done to date, but this will be managed by their managers in line with the operational requirements of their units.
  4. When staff work remotely, they are expected to be available and contactable during office hours.

Thank you for your continued efforts in keeping the University academically and administratively operational during this further national lockdown period.


Kind regards

Professor Andrew M Crouch

Vice-Chancellor and Principal

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