Cycle and study: It’s how we “roll”

Renting out branded bicycles to students is an initiative by Sol Plaatje University in support of both Student Services and the SPU Development Mobility Plan.

It is intended to encourage those who do not have access to transport to rent bicycles for travel both around the campus and to and from campus. The SPU pedestrian and cycle routes, therefore form part of the SPU Mobility Plan, and aim to encourage non-motorised access to campus.

The University has 1,000 standard bicycles, branded with the SPU bike logo, up for lease on an annual basis in support of the SPU Mobility Plan.

Transport of SPU students and staff has been identified as a priority in terms of campus sustainability/greening and reducing SPU’s carbon footprint.

In order to promote a shift away from private car use, the design and implementation of a cycling infrastructure has been included in the overall Campus design.

At present, this comprises limited car parking and bike parking racks throughout the campus.

In due course, marked cycle and pedestrian routes with relevant signage throughout the campus and on routes through the city will be installed. Cycle routes are shared with pedestrians, as would be indicated by the signage.

Bicycle specification

The SPU Bike is a standard bicycle without gears. It is provided with a basket for transporting your laptop and books. Also supplied by SPU is a helmet and bicycle lock. The bicycles are branded and numbered.

Bicycle route

The bicycle and pedestrian routes are marked as a dotted green line on this plan.

Parking racks

Bike parking racks will be installed in groups around the campus where bikes can be securely locked. These racks have been carefully selected for security and robustness, with aesthetic appearance a further consideration.

Rental procedure

Any student who wishes to rent a bicycle will be required to enter into a contract agreement with SPU.

The rental costs will be included with the student fee statements. Once the contract is supplied you will be issued with a bicycle, helmet and lock. When a student receives a bike, he or she is required to sign a bicycle release rorm which documents the serial number of the bicycle and the lock code.


SPU has a bicycle maintenance assistant, stationed in the Luka Jantjie House basement who will help you attended to punctures, for example.

Theft and loss

It required that any theft of a bicycle be reported to the police immediately and a case number obtained.

Thereafter, a student should fill in the required bicycle theft report form which details the loss of the bike and the SAPS case number to the Registrar.

A copy is to be issued to the bicycle assistant so that it can be attached to the student’s bicycle contract.

This will protect the student at the end of the year when he or she needs to hand in the bicycle and sign the bicycle release form.

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