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South African Research Management Systems (SARMS)

Research Information Management (RIM) is used to refer to the integrated management of information about the research life cycle, and about the entities which are part of the cycle (e.g., researchers, research outputs, organizations, and grants). The Sol Plaatje University has implemented the South African Research Management System (SARMS), which is an innovative, South African developed, comprehensive research management system for higher institutions of learning.

The South African Research Management System enables researchers to capture their career interests and highlights, print their abridged CV, and publishing of expertise profiles. This may be for internal reporting purposes, for capacity development purposes and for collaboration purposes. Furthermore, the systems enable Output Capturing and Recording by generating a notice to be disseminated globally for researchers to submit all output and supporting documentation. In addition, it enables researchers to search for other researchers in any institutions in the country and collaborate on research with anyone in the world.

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The SARMS enables the monitoring, tracking and support of P/G students through their research lifecycle from registration to graduation. The following phases of the lifecycle are tracked and monitored through the system:

  • Registration – automated provision of a Postgraduate orientation pack
  • Allocation of supervisors
  • Registration of a research topic
  • Development of a proposal
  • Tracking submissions to School committees, SHDC and SREC
  • Tracking the supervision process
  • Tracking the project undertaking process
  • Tracking submission for examination and outcome

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Senior Administrator

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