Kimberley Diamond and Jewellery Incubator

The Kimberley Diamond and Jewellery Incubator (KDJI) was registered as a non-profit company on the 16th of April 2015. We are located at the Kimberley Diamond Jewellery Centre in the Northern Cape Province of South Africa. We have entrenched ourselves as the only incubator in the Minerals Beneficiation and Jewellery Manufacturing industry that provides knowledge exchange, shared infrastructure and technology support services to the unemployed or struggling jewellers, diamond cutters and polishers at one enabling environment and location.

KDJI offers an intensive incubation programme comprises of two (2) phases. Phase one (1) is a six (6) month programme that is fully subsidized. During this phase graduates are being made business ready and emphasis is placed on compliance. Phase two (2) is a twenty-four (24) months incubation programme that ensures that small enterprises in the diamond and jewellery manufacturing industry becomes competitive and self-sustainable. During this phase KDJI links enterprises to access to technology, markets and finance.

KDJI strives to become the premium incubator in the world by ensuring that small enterprises become competitive, self-sustainable and profitable with the intention to transform the diamond industry and by creating decent employment for youth.

In partnership with SPU’s School of Economic and Management Sciences, throughout the year of 2018 the KDJI has hosted the METR73124 entrepreneurship students as mentors to their jewellery makers. The students learned jewellery making methods including diamonds and metals.

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