Entering banking details on iEnabler

Dear SPU Students

In order for there to be a smooth and efficient process for the payment of allowances, we request all First-Time-Entering Students (FTENs) to upload their banking details on the iEnabler system.

The steps to follow are:

  1. Log onto the iEnabler system using your student number and password
  2. Go to the section named Banking Details
  3. Accept the Banking Details rules document
  4. Accurately capture your banking details
  5. Upload (attach) supporting (banking) documents
  6. Submit

You can also download a detailed manual to assist you with this process. 

Details are to be captured by no later than Wednesday 22 April 2021.

NB! If your banking details were previously provided to the Finance Division, please do not capture that information onto the system again.

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