Message from the CFO: Disbursement of Allowances

Dear Students

The disbursement of student allowances commenced at the end of April at Sol Plaatje University, and most confirmed funded students have now received allowances.

There are, however, a number of important facts and outstanding issues that need to be emphasised, as listed below:

  1. It is imperative that students understand that the University disburses allowances to NSFAS students based on the list of funded students received from NSFAS. If a student’s name does not appear on the 2021 funded list, follow up actions need to be undertaken directly with NSFAS, by the Finance Department staff, and a resolution may take some time. Allowances cannot be distributed to students who are not on the NSFAS list. In certain cases, NSFAS has not continued to fund students in 2021 based on poor academic performance.
  2. The final FUNZA Lushaka selections for 2021 have not yet been finalised. Feedback from the selection committee is awaited. In the meantime, allowances have been disbursed to FUNZA Lushaka returning students who have passed all their modules.
  3. All other funder allowances are being disbursed in accordance with the individual funder rules.
  4. In terms of the additional meal allowances for students residing in University owned or contracted residences, a detailed reconciliation is being performed in terms of students staying off campus, those in residences, and those at home. New and additional information is received daily. Once this reconciliation is completed, the additional meal allowances will be issued to qualifying students. This will be done during the last week of May 2021, together with the processing of the June allowances.
  5. A large number of enquiries are received on a daily basis and students are urged to ensure that they provide all the relevant required information in order for the Financial Aid Office staff to respond appropriately and timeously:
  • Name and Surname
  • Student number
  • Year of study and course registered for
  • Funder information
  • Any modules failed in the previous year (where applicable)

NB! Students should refrain from sending numerous follow-up emails. This only delays the process. Once receipt of an email has been acknowledged, it will be attended to.

If first time entering students have not yet captured their banking details on the ITS system, please download the Guidelines to update banking details online and capture these details accordingly by no later than Friday 21 May 2021.


Kind regards

Ms Annalene (Lientjie) Marais CA(SA), CGFO

Chief Financial Officer

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