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Dear SPU Community

In anticipation of the President’s announcement on Sunday, 24 May 2020, that the country would move down to Level 3 of the nationwide lockdown; the University management has been working diligently to prepare for the return to work of staff and the return to campus of our students.

As communicated with you on 6 May 2020, plans are in progress to ensure that the University meets the stringent Occupational Health and Safety regulations that must be in place to protect staff and students during the COVID-19 pandemic.  

In particular, the Post-Lockdown Task Team is at an advanced stage of its planning and the full plan for the phased return to work will be communicated to you later this week.

The return to work of our staff is necessary to prepare for the imminent return of students to the campus later in June as specified in the announcement by the Minister of Higher Education, Science and Innovation. 

The Academic Task Team who has been overseeing the e-learning modalities will also support the phased return of our students. The plans for this will be communicated next week.

Kind regards

Professor Andrew M Crouch

Vice-Chancellor and Principal