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Quality Assurance and Enhancement

Through the development, implementation, and continuous improvement of quality enhancement in the university to ensure the highest quality systems and procedures to achieve these operations, this portfolio ensures that academic programmes are of the highest-quality learning, teaching, curricula, research, and administration in the university.

The Quality Assurance and Enhancement (QA&E) unit directs the design and development of programmes as per Sol Plaatje University’s vision and strategic goals. It ensures that programmes adhere to the Higher Education Qualifications Framework (HEQF).


This unit builds quality management systems in accordance with HEQF instructions and supports programme evaluations and institutional audits. 


The QA & E unit also keeps track of the programmes that have been reviewed and ensures that schools submit quality improvement plans to the academic planning committee.



Mr Lerato Sekonyela

Acting Director: CTLPD

SPU Central Campus, Academic Centre, 3rd floor.

Tel.: +27 (0)53 491 0076


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