Rebaone talks about Chinese ICT exchange

Huawei, in partnership with Department of Telecommunication and Postal Services (DTPS), has offered the Seeds for the Future programme since 2016.

Each year, the partnership invites 10 South African students to China for international training in Beijing and Shenzhen.

The students receive training in technologies such as LTE, 5G, and cloud computing, and access Huawei’s most advanced labs for practical experience. The training programme includes cultural experiences.

SPU student Rebaone Moretlwe was selected for the programme in 2017.

“This was a huge achievement for me, given where I come from … a small place called Taung.

“My experience in China was amazing, and I witnessed high levels of ICT usage in China, where almost everything is done and paid electronically.
“You find a QR code on everything and everywhere like in vending machines, bicycles, meter taxis, and at the restaurant tables.

“In Beijing, I attended cultural classes where I learned Mandarin, calligraphy and painting.

“During class, we only spoke Mandarin. We also sang in Mandarin and even performed a drama in Mandarin.

“In Shenzhen, we learnt more ICT skills. On the last day, we wrote an exam based on theory and practical experiences. I successfully graduated thereafter.

“As a software developer, it is my duty to solve problems on a daily basis and I have the responsibility to teach people about the benefits of well-developed software.

“ICT is a combination of Information, knowledge, processes and technology to provide a foundation for driving efficiencies and fuelling innovation. It plays an important part in everyone’s lives.

“I wish to express my thanks to DTPS and Huawei for the opportunity.”

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