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Research Governance

Sol Plaatje University has various governing structures which oversee the Research environment in the university. The Senate of SPU is the primary governance structure for academic matters, including the research activities of staff, students, and the institution. Senate provides oversight on development, quality, and directions of research activities at SPU. The Senate of SPU is supported by its advisory structures, these flow from the school level where there are school committees, to the whole university level where there are sub-committees of Senate.  The Research Office positioned under the DVC: Academic’s Office, provides a central place for research management and engages with structures at both the school level and the University.

Senate Committee on Research (SCR), which identifies priority areas for research; developing, promoting, and monitoring research policies and practices; supporting engagement with key external stakeholders; and providing leadership and advice on the University’s research performance.

Senate Research Ethics Committee (SREC), is responsible for ensuring that appropriate ethical considerations are considered in all research activities at SPU. This includes ensuring that staff, students, and research participants are protected from possible harm and that their rights are both respected and protected.

Senate Higher Degrees Committee’s (SHC), purpose is to advise and recommend on all research and academic matters related to higher degree (postgraduate [PG]) candidature. This includes reporting, recommending, and advising Senate on policies, practices, procedures, and standards related to higher degree programmes within the University.

Research Policies

The following policies and procedures may be downloaded on the SPU intranet:

SPU Research Policy

SPU Plagiarism Policy

SPU Incentives Policy

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