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Research Management and Support

Sol Plaatje University’s 2020–2024 strategy gave the impetus to the establishment of the Research Office in December 2019. Under the office of the DVC: Academic the Research Office provides Research Management and support in the following portfolios:

Targeted research capacity development for both academics and postdoctoral fellows is provided through various enabling vehicles. Through this portfolio, the visibility and reach of the research enterprise at SPU is supported.

Research funding is fundamental to an enabling environment for excellent research. The RFS portfolio provides the management and administration of both internal and external research funds for academics from post-award through to pre-award.

The Postgraduate Affairs and Internationalisation office coordinates, extend and enhance the postgraduate support systems. The office also supports the university in attracting both local and international postgraduate students and delivering quality postgraduate research.

For societal impact to be realized, the transfer of knowledge into products (goods and services) is imperative and this is where the skill of intellectual property protection, technology transfer and commercialization is needed. It is with this in mind that SPU as a developing university is strategically incubating IP & TT expertise within the research office to enable the full impact of our academics and students’ research to be realized.

Mr George Moloi

Senior Administrator

Academic Building: Room 126

Email address:

Tel: 053 491 0230 

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