Humanities’ second seminar series launched

The School of Humanities has launched its second seminar series for 2019. 

The series aims to promote robust academic engagement across the University community.

It comprises nine seminars which began on 7 August 2019 with Professor David Shinn from George Washington University with a presentation on “China and the US in Africa: Competition or Cooperation.”

It will run until 31 October 2019 and end with Dr Crispen Chinguno from Sol Plaatje University and his presentation on Activitivism in liminal space: Critical reflections from the “#Feesmustfall movement”.

The remaining events are:

30 August 2019

There is a story to be told: The hidden history of sport in the Northern Cape, Dr Cobus Rademeyer, Sol Plaatje University

4 September 2019

Understanding Daily Parenting Stresses in the Caring of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders, Ayanda Simelane, Sol Plaatje University,

27 September 2019

The Contested Meaning of Black in Black Consciousness, Sella Mashibini, Sol Plaatje University

11 October 2019

Using a spoken language to teach sign language to hearing students, Dr Marga Stander, Sol Plaatje University

18 October 2019

Mapping of feminist womanist resistance within student movements across the African continent, NT Shange, University of the Free State

31 October 2019

Activism in liminal space: Critical reflections from the #Feesmustfall movement, Dr Crispen Chinguno, Sol Plaatje University

For more details about the inquiries about the seminars, please contact Dr Crispen Chinguno on (email) or (telephone) 053 491 0298.

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