SPU advertises VC’s post

Sol Plaatje University has advertised the post of Vice-Chancellor (VC), which is to become vacant when the inaugural VC and Principal, Prof Yunus Ballim steps down at the end of 2019, having laid an excellent foundation for his successor.

The advertisement, which was placed in leading newspapers earlier this month, explains that SPU is one of two post-democracy universities launched in a new-era South Africa and has added a new dimension to Kimberley as a centre of academic excellence.

It also goes on to say that since its inception in 2013, the University has grown rapidly from its first intake of 124 students in 2014 to almost 2,000 students, including 72 postgraduates, making it a significant employer in the region.


The advertisement points out the opportunities for the incoming appointment.

It says that as the University reaches its goal of enrolling approximately 7,500 students in the 2024 academic year, as a collective, it is set to enhance the local economy and its communities.

The next phase, post the big-infrastructure development phase, will see ongoing rapid growth in student numbers while staff numbers will double to approximately 800 members during the same period.

The next phase will see the institution develop into a 21st-century comprehensive university renowned for excellence and its reliance on innovative modalities of teaching, learning, research and student support.

The advertisement also points out that SPU is a University which has a solid foundation and has a highly supportive and dedicated executive team is in place, while excellent relationships exist with institutions in the Northern Cape Province and the local municipality.

Furthermore, it is a University where effective teaching and learning, making use of digital technologies, are the norm and every student has a laptop. It is poised to transform steadily from a school-based structure to four faculties, with opportunities to introduce new faculties and academic programmes to serve a broader local community.

The Council of Sol Plaatje University, who will appoint the second Vice-Chancellor, says, in the advertisement, that it is seeking an individual who is an accomplished academic and leader with proven strategic vision, wisdom, determination and demonstrable experience in executive academic management.

This exemplary leader’s profile will include:
• A full professor with a doctoral degree and at least three years of experience as a Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Executive Dean or similar senior executive position within the Higher Education sector
• Proven academic stature, encompassing teaching and learning experience, research and stakeholder engagement that has earned the respect of fellow academics
• A bold, visionary and energetic leader with a strong public presence, integrity and tenacity who can act decisively when required to do so
• An individual with a keen understanding of, and the capabilities to ensure, good governance, accountability and the financial sustainability of a dynamic and rapidly expanding university
• A person who is analytical and reflective by nature and respected for participatory leadership and management.

The closing date for applications is 31 May 2019. Details of how the application process are included in the advertisement which can be downloaded here.

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