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Recycling took centre stage when the Sol Plaatje University Green Campus Initiative (#SPUGCI) ambassadors visited the Mhudi, Rhataga, Tauana, and Moroka residences to educate students about recycling bins.

The Green Campus Initiative was established to promote environmental sustainability interventions.

The initial round of interventions focused on educational awareness and changing behaviour change of the SPU community.

The residence visits provided a first-hand opportunity for the team to explain what the labelling of the bins meant and how students should use the bins.

The University also demonstrated the various ways to minimise the negative impact of climate change in the environment. It also planned to use campaigns to raise awareness and mobilise the community to be careful about environmentally friendly activities.

Key performance areas for the initiative are recycling awareness, waste and water management, the impact of 4IR in the environment, and planting trees and food gardening.

The vision of the University’s environmental campaign is to regularly conduct awareness campaigns that broaden the knowledge of the SPU community about environmental sustainability and supports the sustainable use of the University’s resources.