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With over 10 years of game experience, SPU’s chess champion, Simon Maupa, says chess is a great game that teaches one how to think and instills an attitude of winning.

“Not only does chess enhance one’s creativity and planning abilities, it also helps to earn a deeper understanding of life because chess is in itself a good analogy of life,” states Simon.

As a relatively young team, the SPU chess team including Simon has some impressive silverware which bears testament to their skills.

“Our former president got to play the International Master Providence and drew with the master which is also a great
achievement for the club,” says an excited Simon.

He says that SPU is a credible team: “Our team consists of 20 nationally rated (Chess South Africa) players with 10 being
internationally rated by the FIDE International Chess Federation.

He says that he has also been fortunate to set a record at the SPU chess club as “… the only player who beat the chess world champ, Magnus Carlson, through his mobile application,” he explains.

“In the last three years, I have played 11 major tournaments with my greatest achievement to date being winning the B-section of the Sol Plaatje University Open Tournament and playing a blitz game at the International Master Providence,” concludes Simon.

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