2018 marked a milestone in history of School of Humanities

The year marked our fifth anniversary, and also came with the first inaugural graduates from our BA degree, with commendable throughput rates. These existing milestones have ushered us into another milestone in our growth as a school.

Our three postgraduate Honours programmes were accredited and in 2019, we are offering our inaugural BA honours in Sociology programme. We are excited about hosting our first postgraduate students and look forward to hosting more students in future.

A key performance area of 2019 will be to support career path development of our early career, emerging and established academics; consolidate the School’s research niches and create more spaces for more public engagement programmes by building on the partnerships that we have created over the past few years.

We also look forward to improving on our operational efficiency in academic administration for the benefit of our growing student numbers. We will be hosting the biggest conference that SPU has ever held – The Southern African Association of Professional Archaeologists (ASAPA 2019) Bi–Annual Conference in July 2019.

All these events planned for the year signify growth and expansion at many levels for the school, and for the University.

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