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Sol Plaatje University’s (SPU) Campus Housing and Accommodation Unit (CAHAU) hosted the first annual Campus Life Festival on Saturday, 20 May 2023, at Windhoek Draught Park Stadium and at the SPU South Campus Precinct. Yet again, students showed that the SPU community does not fall short when it comes to talent and support.

Glorious sun, enthusiasm and boatloads of fun were the order of the day as students kicked off with lots of activities, including participating in a formation of dance, and through a wide range of sporting codes including football, volleyball, netball, basketball, and more dance.

The Central University of Technology (CUT) students descended from their respective campuses to participate in a high-stake knock-out competition with SPU students. The competition offered an opportunity for men and women’s student teams to demonstrate their athlete prowess and to emerge victorious.

The main goal of the event was for the SPU community to immerse themselves in different activities to spark unity, boost community development, and celebrate the rich diversity within our on-and-off-campus residences and clusters communities, in the mission of engaging critically of discourse and communities of people to search out pathways to equitable development.

The highlights of the day were the formation of dances where students showcased their creativity, teamwork, co-ordination, as well as the play-offs of different sporting codes between CUT and SPU.

Prizes were won as a token of appreciation to all the participants. While waiting for the formation of dance winner announcement, one of the students who participated, Tshepang Matamela, mentioned a quote by Kobe Bryant: “The mindset isn’t about seeking a result – it’s more about the process of getting to that result.”

Recipients were awarded and celebrated in the following categories.

Category A: Campus Life Festival results:

Formation of Dance

1st Place: Rathaga Hall of Residence

2nd Place: Caritas Hall of Residence

3rd Place: South Campus

4th Place: Sunflower (Off-campus)

5th Place: Moroka Hall of Residence

6th Place: Scanlan Hall of Residence

7th Place: Mhudi Hall of Residence

The Campus Life Football Final will be played on Friday, 26 May 2023, so watch this space… 

Category B: Intervarsity Results


SPU 42- 6 CUT

Men’s Volleyball

SPU 1- 2 CUT

Women’s Volleyball

SPU 2 – 0 CUT


SPU men’s football 2 – 5 CUT men’s Football


SPU 32 – CUT 10

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