Boosting academic success at the 2023 Student Academic Support Awareness Week

The SPU’s Centre for Teaching, Learning, and Programme Development (CTLPD) Student Academic Support (SAS) office recently wrapped up a Student Academic Support Services Awareness Week. Held from 28 August to 1 September 2023 at the SPU Central Campus Square, the event was all about enlightening students on the wealth of academic support available to them. Providing holistic student support and development through responsive student academic support is a key goal for CTLPD.

Throughout the week, the SAS office showcased a range of services aimed at enhancing student success, easing the university journey, and even preparing students for life post-graduation. From academic advising to e-learning initiatives, this ties in with the university’s objectives of high-quality teaching, learning and digital empowerment. To achieve this goal, the office offers programmes including academic advising, academic writing, tutorship support, core curriculum and E-learning.

The week-long event culminated in a fun day held at the SPU South Campus Precinct. A mix of netball, football, board games, indigenous games, volleyball and karaoke allowed both students and staff to engage and build meaningful networks. 

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