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Buza Ndebele, a second-year BEd student at SPU, started a Facebook and WhatsApp challenge using the #breadchallenge during the national lockdown that turned into a community benefit project aimed at feeding the underprivileged community of Wolmaransstad.

“We have a lot of impoverished people in Wolmaransstad, I wanted to help my community during this time while I was at home,” says Ndebele.

Ndebele invited his childhood friends who were all home during the COVID-19 pandemic to assist him in starting up a soup kitchen that would feed children from poverty-stricken families, the elderly, and unemployed youth.

“Although I grew up in extreme poverty, it was great growing up in Wolmaransstad. Many of our community members cannot reach their full potential due to the underdeveloped city infrastructure that could benefit them to live healthy, productive and fulfilling lives,” said Ndebele. “This soup kitchen is just the start of my bigger plans to uplift my community,” concludes Ndebele.

Today the #breadchallenge has turned into a Wolmaransstad community benefit project that also collects and distributes clothes for the less fortunate through generous donations from members of the community.