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On Thursday, 28 July 2023, SPU Sport held a cocktail function at the SPU South Campus to honour the impressive accomplishments of the teams at the University Sports South Africa (USSA) Winter Games that happened earlier in the month. This event served to showcase the immense pride the entire SPU community has for the talent and passion demonstrated by the teams throughout the winter games.

Despite various challenges encountered during the competition, the teams prevailed, returning with a plethora of medals and reinforcing their positions as some of the top university sports teams nationwide. Ms Elmien Cloete, the Senior Manager for Sports at SPU, had the privilege of opening the programme and extending a warm welcome to all attendees. Although hesitant to spotlight a single team, she made a point to acknowledge one that has been instrumental in propelling SPU Sports to greater heights.

“I don’t really want to single out a specific code, but I have to acknowledge our women’s hockey team for clinching gold and therefore allowing them promotion to the B section, which is a very tough section and certainly in the contender’s ring for Varsity Hockey promotion in the next 2-3 years. Your victory was a testament to your unyielding spirit, unwavering resolve and your incredible skill. Between our hockey women and football men’s teams, I believe we will soon feature on the television screens amongst the top eight institutions in the country, competing in the prestigious Varsity Sports Competition, which will certainly help us raise the profile of SPU as a whole,” Cloete stated.

The function also had the honour of hosting Mr Mbatha, SPU’s acting Dean. Mr Mbatha applauded the teams for their outstanding participation and achievements and acknowledged the coaches for their positive attitudes and tireless efforts in refining their teams’ performance.

As the function unfolded, sports coaches reflected on their teams’ journeys, sharing their satisfaction in witnessing the transformation from underdogs to top-ranking contenders. The collaborative ethos within the sports community has undoubtedly fostered a sense of unity among the teams. Again, all the teams proved that SPU Sports is well on its way to being one of the top sporting universities in the country.

The event concluded with photo sessions that triggered tears of joy and broad smiles, as the teams were reminded of their journey and the unforgettable memories they had created.

Check out the slideshow of the teams’ performances at the games below.

Well done, Gemmies!

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