Introducing SPU’s new Director for Library and Information Services – Mr Magodongo April Mahlangu

Sol Plaatje University (SPU) is delighted to welcome our new Library and Information Services Director, Mr Magodongo April Mahlangu. With over two decades of experience in the library sector, Mr Mahlangu’s academic credentials are impressive, boasting degrees from the University of Pretoria and an MBA from the Tshwane University of Technology Business School.

Mr Mahlangu is renowned for his leadership in planning, execution, and evaluation in the library services arena. He has presented his insights at numerous conferences globally, addressing critical themes such as library service quality, transformation, and effective management of resources and personnel. His contributions have significantly impacted public higher education, guiding library professionals towards greater organisational efficiency and responsiveness to evolving user needs.

His career has been marked by significant roles across various institutions, demonstrating his capability in leading strategic projects, from developing collection strategies to implementing sophisticated library management systems.

In reflecting on his new role, Mr Mahlangu said: “I am delighted to become part of the rapidly expanding modern university community at the SPU Library. Within the academic landscape, university libraries hold significant responsibility in fostering student achievement, driving research output, and fostering innovation. My appointment as Director aligns with a vision to cultivate a digitally enabled library that not only enhances the University’s efficiency but also equips students to address the Sustainable Development Goals and tackle societal challenges. Central to this vision is the promotion of social cohesion and inclusivity. By nurturing an environment that embraces diversity and ensures equitable access to resources and opportunities, we aim to create a platform for holistic student development and societal impact. Through collaborative efforts and strategic initiatives, the SPU Library will serve as a dynamic hub for learning, research, and community engagement, contributing to the advancement of both individuals and society at large.”

SPU invites the community to warmly welcome Mr Mahlangu, as we eagerly anticipate the innovative contributions and dynamic leadership he will bring to the University’s library services.

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