Sol Plaatje University transitions from Schools to Faculties

Sol Plaatje University (SPU) is pleased to announce its transition from schools to faculties, effective 1 January 2024, following the Council’s endorsement on 31 July 2020 and the approval for the creation of Dean positions on 28 September 2022.

In 2020, SPU embarked on a significant institutional development and change management initiative, aimed at transforming the governance, functionality, structures, and culture from a school-based system to a faculty-oriented model.

This transition has been integral in preserving the integrity of our academic programmes while steering the university through a phase of growth and development. From 2020 to 2024, our strategic objectives have been focused on becoming research-active in key areas, enhancing the depth of academic programmes with an emphasis on quality teaching and learning, advancing towards a digitally empowered institution, and laying the groundwork for long-term sustainability.

As we commemorate our 10th anniversary, having welcomed our first cohort of 124 students in 2014, we take pride in our expanded state-of-the-art campuses, the introduction of postgraduate programmes including Honours and Masters degrees, and nurturing over 5 000 talented individuals in the 2024 academic year.

The transition sees the establishment of the newly named Faculty of Education, Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences, Faculty of Humanities, and Faculty of Natural and Applied Sciences, all of which will be guided by Deans throughout this transformative period.

Continuous dialogue about the transition will foster a shared understanding of the academic project’s expansion towards a complete transition, while the institution’s performance contracting process will also adapt to workload changes associated with this shift.

This transition underpins the strategic objectives of our university, highlighting the development and positioning as we broaden our teaching and research programmes.


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