SPU Convocation charts a new course

Convocation EXCO members in the photo L to R: Mr T Moila (Member), Mr T Cwaile (President), Ms T Tebeka (Member), Mr B Ndebele (Secretary), Mr T Kesekile (Deputy President)

The Executive Committee of the Convocation of Sol Plaatje University (SPU) convened a dynamic planning workshop, in early March 2024, to chart the course for the Convocation’s future. The workshop, held with a spirit of collaboration and vision, focused on finalising the Programme of Action for the 2nd Convocation Executive and guiding endeavours until November 2026.

One of the defining moments of the workshop was the inclusive engagement with the 2023-2024 Student Representative Council (SRC), represented by the President and Treasurer-General. This meet-and-greet session fostered open dialogue and mutual understanding between the Convocation and the SRC, creating a platform to explore shared interests and ways to address student concerns.

A commitment to student welfare and academic excellence was a hallmark of the workshop. Deliberations centred on strategic objectives spanning academic support, institutional development, alumni engagement, and student welfare. The Executive Committee outlined actionable goals aligned with the University’s broader mission and vision through rigorous discussion and strategic planning.

A key aspect of the workshop was recognising the importance of collaboration between the Convocation and the SRC in addressing student needs and enhancing the overall student experience.

The workshop concluded with a renewed sense of purpose and a commitment to contribute to positive change within the SPU community. By finalising the Programme of Action and establishing channels for collaboration with the various stakeholders, the Convocation reaffirmed its dedication to advancing the University’s interests and fostering an inclusive and supportive campus environment.

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