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SPU’s Student Representative Council (SRC) and the Division of Student Affairs recently launched the SRC Thusa Moithuti Fund. The launch took place at the SPU South Campus Hall.

In his message to the SRC, students and stakeholders in attendance, SPU Vice-Chancellor and Principal Professor Andrew Crouch said, “I am proud to see the SPU SRC strategically focusing on the impact and contribution they can make in communities, which serves one of the five strategic goals of the university: Community Engagement. Therefore, it is vital for social partners to contribute to the objectives of the SRC via the Thusa Moithuti Fund, and I am grateful to see business people here tonight”. 

SRC Deputy President Mr Buza Ndebele shared the purpose of the Thusa Moithuti Fund: “This project will assist students who don’t have funding to register, or the necessary support to succeed in their studies. The fund is also dedicated to food security… We as the SRC need to assist and support students wherever necessary to ensure students complete their studies without the worry of finances.”

As part of the fund, Acting Dean of Students Mr Mbokodo Mbatha introduced the Student Nutrition Programme and spoke about the cohort of students that will benefit from the programme. “Ultimately, this project seeks to balance the gap created by poverty and lack of education in South Africa, by limiting inequality caused by social injustices. We need students to thrive in their academics and have one less thing to worry about, which is food. As we all know, it is hard to study and learn on a hungry stomach, which is why this programme is vital for students who are in need and who do not get the support in food security.”

Director of Peontle Investment, Mr Fezile Kies, delivered a message of support to the SRC and SPU students in attendance: “I am proud of the SPU students for establishing an initiative such as this to assist students in need to succeed in their academics. We do not operate in silos, but community-building requires us to ignite change and make a positive impact in society.” Peontle pledged a monetary contribution and support towards the fund.

Guests in attendance were entertained by Ms Zandile Mbovu, who performed a song at the dinner, as well as a poem reading by Mr Kgaile Lebogang, and a rap item delivered by Mr Mawethu Yona.

SRC Treasurer Theletsane Lebogang thanked the university for its support, and the business sector for pledging money towards the fund. She also encouraged others to help students in need. “I would like to remind you of the African proverb that says, ‘If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together,’ and so it is vital that we build partnerships with the SPU community, Kimberley, and Northern Cape business fraternity to plough back into our communities, and to become the beacon of light in the lives of others,” she said.

The organisers thank the businesses and SPU staff and students who have pledged donations. For more information on how to pledge contact [email protected] and help make a difference in the lives of students in need.