Update: Residence vacation accommodation

Following a directive of the Vice-Chancellor and Principal dated 15 June 2022 with regards to June vacation accommodation, a committee has been established to facilitate the process of vetting requests from students who cannot go home during the June holidays.

The committee has established categories of students who could qualify for accommodation during the June holidays.

The categories and criteria for consideration are as follows:

  • Students writing supplementary examinations (Provide proof of supplementary examination)
  • Vulnerable students (assessed by the Wellness Office)
  • Students facing financial issues (students must provide a six-month bank statement)

A motivation letter with the above-mentioned supporting documents will be required, and the last day to submit the request for accommodation is 24 June 2022 at 23h00.

All June holiday accommodation requests should be sent to [email protected]. Please note that those who’ve left their belongings in their rooms should be aware that the University will not take responsibility for any items lost while they are moved to the storage rooms.


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