Ms Angelene Maxwell: Succeeding in entrepreneurship

As a former SPU student of Retail Business Management, Ms Angelene Maxwell set out to achieve her aspirations of succeeding as an entrepreneur. Throughout the course of obtaining her diploma, she acquired significant expertise in overseeing operations as a Store Manager and ultimately discovered that business ownership was where her genuine passion lies.

Due to her desire for mentorship and education, Ms Maxwell enrolled in the Entrepreneurial programme offered by SPU’s Centre for Entrepreneurship and Rabid Incubator (CfERI). With hopes of gaining assistance, guidance, and training as she embarks on her entrepreneurial journey. The primary goal of this initiative is to support aspiring entrepreneurs within Upington by providing them with necessary resources such as mentoring sessions so they can achieve success. As a result of this decision, Ms Maxwell has acquired crucial knowledge which enabled her to realize her vision into reality.

Maxzene Health, Fitness, and Creations is a company founded by Ms Maxwell’s unwavering commitment and perseverance. Maxzene Health is dedicated to promoting wellness and vitality by creating products made from the Sutherlandia plant. Designed for daily use, these immune boosters and antioxidants are committed to supporting overall health.

Maxzene Fitness integrates the exhilarating Zumba dance movements into workout programs, transforming exercise sessions into an enjoyable and thrilling experience while promoting a healthful and lively way of living.

Maxzene Creations offers a diverse array of innovative marketing materials such as company profiles, business logos, posters, business cards and more. These customized services serve to enhance the way businesses and institutions market themselves thus creating memorable impressions.

“At Maxzene, we endeavor to enable people to lead healthier lifestyles and maintain physical activeness while fostering imagination in marketing. Our focus is on making a beneficial contribution towards enhancing individuals’ well-being, fitness level as well as branding through innovative and top-notch offerings,” she said. She adds that the company also aims to be a prominent name in health, fitness and innovative marketing solutions while making a valuable impact on the contentment and triumph of our clientele.

“With the help of CfERI, I have acquired knowledge and expertise on launching and promoting my business. Furthermore, they will offer ongoing guidance to ensure that Ms Maxwell thrives. Thanks to their assistance, I now possess effective sales techniques as well as an understanding of financial viability assessments for businesses. In addition, with support from Maker Space department at CfERI, I can access cutting-edge technical resources for testing my product innovations,” she said.

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