SPU’s Accredited Off-Campus Accommodation applications go digital

Sol Plaatje University’s (SPU) Accredited Off-Campus Accommodation (AOCA) Office at SPU is thrilled to announce a significant leap forward: A cutting-edge digital accreditation model. Set for a grand launch this month, it aligns perfectly with the university’s third goal, which is to embrace digital transformation for streamlined and efficient processes.

This innovative model is a game-changer for students and landlords alike. It paves the way for easy onboarding to the system, revolutionising how students seek and secure off-campus accommodation. Gone are the days of cumbersome paperwork; welcome to the era of digital applications, courtesy of AOCA’s accreditation.

This digital model is a powerhouse of real-time data, offering instant communication between students and landlords, all in the virtual realm. Addressing student concerns, tracking movements, and ensuring swift location of students for information needs are now at our fingertips. The AOCA Office is about more than simply providing a roof over your head, it’s about creating environments that nurture living and learning. We take pride in keeping you informed about the latest in off-campus living, from system updates to decision-making processes, ensuring you’re always in the know about accredited beds and more.

Watch this space for more information.

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