Seizing opportunities in the gap

At Sol Plaatje University (SPU), we pride ourselves on being an institution actively engaged in learning, research and development. We are always thrilled when our staff members, like Ms Maposhe, an Administrator in SPU’s Department of Internal Audit, realise their full potential and advance in their careers. Ms Maposhe’s journey began with an 18-month internship essential for her National Diploma in Public Management, which she pursued after graduating with an N6 in Public Management from Northern Cape Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) College in Kimberley.

Think big, aim high

Inspired to shift her focus to auditing, Ms Maposhe was drawn to SPU’s then-new Internal Audit Department. Her commitment to growth led her to enrol for a Higher Certificate in Accounting at UNISA, further propelling her towards a Bachelor of Accounting Sciences degree, specialising in Internal Auditing.

Switching careers was a smooth transition for Ms Maposhe, who viewed it as her pathway to growth and success. However, she acknowledges the challenge of balancing full-time work with intensive study. Her resilience and determination were key to her success. “This journey has reinforced my resilience and determination. With comprehensive analysis, patience, attention to detail, and superb communication skills as audit essentials, I’ve honed these traits to face any challenge confidently,” she reflects.

Discipline in time management and resilience were crucial in her journey towards obtaining her qualification. “The toughest part was juggling the demanding degree requirements with full-time work,” she admits.

Looking to the future

Today, Ms Maposhe excels in seizing new opportunities and building critical workplace connections. Her career has now progressed into Risk Management. In her role, she supports the Senior Manager: Risk at SPU, aiding various departments in managing risks. This assists the university in achieving its performance and profitability goals, preventing resource loss, ensuring reliable financial reporting, and maintaining compliance with laws and regulations, thus safeguarding its reputation.

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