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Library and Information Services

Lending Services

The SPU library renders book lending services to staff and students as per the Library Lending Policy.

Lending Policy

Staff and students

All SPU students and staff members are automatically members of the library by virtue of having registered or being employed by the university respectively.

Library membership will remain active as long as they are students and/or staff members.

Upon leaving the university, their library membership will become inactive until such time that they register as external members and/or Alumni. 


Patron TypeQuantityLoan Period
Undergraduates6 books14 days
Honours12 books30 days
Masters and Doctoral20 books45 days
Staff20 books60 days

External membership


CHELSA Agreement

Students (Masters and Doctoral) and Staff members of a university who wish to use the library and information services of another university library need to obtain a signed standardised Letter of Introduction from the Head or a duly authorised personnel member from their home university library.

The letter must be presented to the head of the hosting university library for acceptance.

Upon approval of the external membership application, the patron will need to pay R100 fee as stipulated on the application form.

Download application here.


External membership will be open to members of the public and companies in need of LIS services.

External members must complete a form (available online or at the circulation desk).

The completed form must be submitted at the circulation desk.

The applicable fee for Category B membership is R3,500 per year running from January to December.

The approval of external membership lies with the Director: Library and Information Services who has the right to decline membership in case s/he suspects fraudulent or misrepresentation of information by the applicant.

Download application here.


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